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Yang Xunqi enters the final





On March 5, 2021, in the 45th International Trumpet Guild Conference Competition (International Trumpet Guild Conference Competition), Yang Xunji, a fourth-year undergraduate orchestral student representing our school (supervisor: Professor Dai Zhonghui). Conquered the judges with his excellent performance And broke into the "Band Fragment" solo finals! It is particularly worth mentioning that the other two players who entered the final with him are strong.

One is a student from the Cleveland Conservatory of Music under the guidance of the trumpet principal of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra Michael Sachs; the other is the principal of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra Trumpet David Bilger is a student from the Curtis Institute of Music. Yang Xunji is the only Chinese player to enter the finals of this competition!

The International Trumpet Guild (ITG) is the world's largest and most authoritative professional organization for trumpets. Its members are composed of trumpet professors, soloists, and symphony orchestra chiefs from all over the world.

It aims to promote exchanges and learning among trumpet players around the world and further improve the level of modern trumpet performance. Every year, the International Trumpet Association Annual Meeting and International Trumpet Competition are held in different locations around the world.

The competition is divided into the solo group, band segment group, and jazz group. Three winners from each category are selected to enter the finals. The competition is divided into preliminary and finals.

Yang Xunji’s excellent results in this competition fully demonstrated our school’s strong trumpet teaching ability. The superb artistic level and outstanding performance style are comparable to the international level, and it also marks that our school’s trumpet professional teaching level has been among the top at The forefront of the world.




Yang Xunji

Now studying in the fourth year of the Central Conservatory of Music. At the age of 7, he was enlightened by the teacher of the General Political-Military Orchestra Hou Bing and began to learn the trumpet.

And then he was admitted to the Beijing Institute of Technology High School. As the trumpet chief, he followed the school’s Jinfan Orchestra and won many Beijing Arts Festival Wind Orchestra performances and Shanghai Spring National Wind Orchestra. Performance gold award.

In 2017, he was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music with first place in his profession, under the tutelage of Professor Dai Zhonghui, a well-known trumpet player, educator, and doctoral tutor.

During school, he served as the trumpet principal of the China Youth Symphony Orchestra and the lead trumpet of the school jazz band. Performed with the Central Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra "Turandot", and participated in many concerts such as "Beethoven Symphony No. 9" and "Mahler Symphony No. 2" with the China Symphony Orchestra, and won unanimous praise and praise. Recognized.

In July 2018, he won second place in the professional group of the first international trumpet art festival solo competition in Fuxin, Liaoning; in August of the same year, he won the first prize of the trumpet professional group in the international brass art festival solo competition of the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music, Russia.

As the trumpeter of Vastness Brass, the Boundless Brass Quintet, he participated in the cultural exchange activities of the Austrian Embassy in June 2018; successfully held a special brass quintet concert at the Zhongshan Concert Hall in July 2019, and won the 14th in August.

The second place for the brass quintet in the Jeju International Bronze Competition in South Korea is a new breakthrough for Chinese brass chamber music in international competitions.

In March 2020, he was invited to record the "Zhongshan Concert Hall·Online Charity" series of concerts, and the Beijing TV Arts Channel made a special report on the topic of "Anti-epidemic with art and sound the brass quintet".




Dai Zhonghui:

Famous trumpet player and educator;

Conductor, judge of international competitions;

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Central Conservatory of Music;

The current vice-chairman of the Chinese Music Association Wind Music Association;

Director of International Trumpet Association (2006-2019);

Chairman of the World Trumpet League Asia;

President of China Trumpet Federation;

Professor of Expert Class of Philadelphia Brass Orchestra;

1996-2006 Principal Trumpet of China National Symphony Orchestra.


Study and work experience:

In 1986, he went to study in the United States. In 1989, he received the Dean's Scholarship of the University of Southern California School of Music, under the tutelage of professors Rob Roy McGregor and Boyde Hood.

In 1990, he served as the principal trumpet of the USC Symphony Orchestra and performed with the orchestra in the Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington. Then he studied with Charles Schlueter and Roger Voisin, principal trumpet of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

In 1993, he was recommended by Douglas Lowry, Dean of the School of Music of the University of Southern California, and Daniel Lewis, the conductor, to enter the "Artist Diploma" master class.

Becoming the first wind music student in the history of the master class of the school, and was awarded the title of an outstanding scholar of the school. Later, he studied under the world-famous trumpet player Thomas Stevens.

In 1993, he served as the principal trumpet of the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra and the Guild Opera Orchestra. In 1994, he was the principal trumpet of the Riverside Symphony Orchestra and concurrently as the principal trumpet of the Ventura Symphony Orchestra.

He has collaborated with the famous Tanglewood Music Center Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Music Festival Orchestra, and Grand Teton Music Festival Orchestra.

In 1992, he was specially invited to participate in the second Pittsburgh International Music Festival as the chief trumpet.

In March 2001, the Andre Jolivet trumpet concerto was performed by the San Bernadino Symphony Orchestra of the United States. In April of the same year, he performed the Brandenburg Second Concerto with the Redlands Symphony Orchestra of the United States.

Held a concert tour in France in November 2011. A series of outstanding music activities have won unanimous praise from colleagues in the music industry. The world-renowned wind magazine PIPERS and other publications have conducted many interviews and reports.


Teaching results:

Since 2002, he has been a trumpet professor at the Central Conservatory of Music. In 2005, the International Trumpet Association's annual meeting specially invited experts, gave expert lectures, and served as judges of international competitions.

In 2006, the International Trumpet Association successfully held a solo concert and was well received. From 2006 to 2007, he was employed as a professor at the School of Music of the National University of Singapore.

From 2012 to 2013, Chai Lin, an undergraduate student of the Central Conservatory of Music, and Chen Jiawei, a student from the attached middle school, won the first prize in the International Trumpet Association Solo Competition. Many students have won prizes in international and domestic competitions and have served as the chief, deputy chief, and performer of the national and local troupes.

Here, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the award-winning classmate Yang Xunji and his instructor Dai Zhonghui, and wish him excellent results in the finals!

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