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Chinese Language Student Program

One. The major and academic system

(1) School system:

one semester to two years


(2) Enrollment conditions:

high school or above education level.


(3) Study schedule:

Each year is divided into two semesters, the fall semester is from September to January of the following year, and the spring semester is from March to July.

Chinese language students are divided into different classes for elementary, middle, and high school according to their Chinese level. Chinese classes are taught 20 hours a week, and classes are held from Monday to Friday. In addition, elective courses such as calligraphy and Tai Chi are offered. At the end of the study, those who pass the examination will be issued a certificate of completion.

According to the teaching plan, the school organizes students to visit museums, visit places of interest and historical sites, and watch cultural programs to improve students' practical language ability.


Two. Registration conditions, time, and requirements

(1) Registration requirements:

high school or above education level;


(2) Application time:

March 1st-May 1st (for the fall semester applying for admission in September), October 1st-December 10th (for the spring semester applying for admission in March of the following year)


(3) Application procedure:

1. Log on to the website of the International Students Office of the China Foreign Affairs University ( for enrollment information, and enter the personal application information in the “Application online” column of the website. The application provided online is reviewed.

2. After the online review is passed, the applicant will print out the "Application Form for Foreign Students Studying at China Foreign Affairs University" automatically generated by the system and sign it.

3. Submit the following application materials to the International Students Office of China Foreign Affairs University (Zhanjiang Road Campus). In addition to the "Application Form for Foreign Students Admission to China Foreign Affairs University" and "Guarantor Letter for China Affairs", electronic documents should be prepared for the rest of the materials. Upload when applying on the website.

1) "Application Form for Foreign Students Admission to China Foreign Affairs University"

2) Copy of my passport

3) "Guarantor Letter of Guarantee for Affairs in China", the guarantor must have a fixed occupation and fixed residence in China. (For applicants under the age of 18, relatives and friends in Beijing entrusted by their parents as the guardian of the applicant, and the guardian’s entrusted notarization shall be handled.)

4) Final academic certificate

5) 4 passport photos without headgear on the front

6) Those who have already studied in a Chinese school must provide a copy of their visa or residence permit in China, as well as a transfer consent letter (with official seal) from the International Student Office of the original university.


Three. Accommodation

Students can decide on on-campus accommodation or off-campus accommodation.

(1) On-campus accommodation:

Chinese students live in the International Exchange Center on Zhanhan Road Campus.

Hotel-style management, central heating, and automatic fire alarm system installed. Each suite has its own bathroom, and hot water is provided 24 hours a day. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, cable TV (can watch CNN and other channels), desk, book kitchen, telephone, etc. On each floor, there is also a communal kitchen for international students who can cook and eat by themselves. If you need to send faxes, laundry, etc., you can contact the front desk of the International Exchange Center.

For relevant management regulations, please refer to "Regulations on Accommodation Management of the International Exchange Center.

The International Exchange Center cannot book rooms in advance. Due to limited rooms, it is recommended that freshmen check-in at school in advance to avoid being out of rooms.

(2) Off-campus accommodation

Students can rent a house or live in a hotel off-campus by themselves, so please pay attention to the safe living environment. According to the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners", within 24 hours after arriving in China or changing the address of the accommodation, you must register for temporary accommodation at the police station where you are staying (except hotels), and submit a copy of the accommodation registration to the international student office filing. If you violate the regulations and fail to register for accommodation, the public security organs will impose a warning or fine according to law.


Four. Fee standard

(1) Registration fee:

400 yuan

Pay at the time of registration on site.

The registration fee is non-refundable.


(2) Tuition:

9000 yuan/semester

New students pay when they start their journals, and old students pay at the end of the previous academic year.

If you transfer or withdraw halfway, two weeks or less after the start of the course: 80% of the tuition fee will be refunded; two to four weeks: 60% of the tuition fee will be refunded; tuition paid for more than four weeks will not be refunded.


(3) Insurance premium:

800 yuan/year

The tuition is paid at the same time, that is, the new students pay when they start the journal, and the old students pay at the end of the previous academic year.

(According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China, international students in China must purchase medical insurance in China. Purchase the medical insurance provided by Ping An Insurance Company of China at the registration office. For those who have not purchased the required medical insurance, the school will not go through the registration procedures. )

Insurance premiums are non-refundable.


(4) Accommodation fee:

1. International Exchange Center on Zhanhan Road Campus: 150 yuan/person/day for a double room (price for the spring semester of 2014)

You need to apply to the stay office in advance, and you can check in only after approval. The accommodation fee is settled on a monthly basis and is paid at check-in. The accommodation fee for the next month needs to be renewed one week in advance.


Five. Contact us

(1) Zhanhan Road Campus:

Phone: 86-10-68323894, 68323341, 68323348

Fax: 86-10-68323243, 86-10-68348664


Mailing address: International Students Office, China Foreign Affairs University, 24 Zhanhan Road, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

Post Code: 100037


(2) Shahe Campus:

Telephone and fax: 86-10-81754717

Mailing address: Room 131, Building A, China Foreign Affairs University, Higher Education Park, Changping District, Beijing, China

Post Code: 102206


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