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Hold a special meeting on epidemic prevention

On the morning of April 16, the Party Committee of China Foreign Affairs University held the ninth special meeting on epidemic prevention and control, to convey and learn the latest requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and to study and deploy the focus of the next stage of epidemic prevention and control.

Secretary Qi Dayu presided over, and leaders of the hospital such as Xu Jian, Wang Fan, Sun Jisheng, Li Hongmei, Dong Jie, and Gao Fei attended the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control with a cautious work attitude and make every effort to prepare for all aspects of the school preparation stage.

First, the hospital's epidemic prevention and control work must not be slack at all. It is necessary to adhere to the bottom line thinking and make preparations for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control work.

All departments should coordinate the promotion of various tasks in the spring semester, improve online teaching, enrich curriculum content, promote team building, subject development, and other key tasks, and do a good job in student enrollment, daily management, campus security, and other aspects.

The second is to prepare for the pre-school work in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education.

Adhere to the principle of territoriality and strictly implement the Beijing epidemic prevention and control requirements, and prepare in advance for the logistics guarantee and the implementation of prevention and control materials after the students return to school.

The construction of health observation points, and the safety of dual campuses. Share campus canteens, dormitories, and other key areas conduct necessary work drills, formulate and refine the pre-school preparation work plan.

The third is to effectively cooperate with Beijing to strictly prevent the import of overseas epidemics, continue to strengthen the care for international students and overseas exchange students in our school.

Maintain close communication, and timely understand of the actual difficulties of overseas students and provide necessary assistance. Strictly implement the management requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Education System for overseas students.

The fourth is to do a good job of important people's livelihood work such as graduate employment and postgraduate enrollment. Do everything possible to implement the current major tasks such as student graduation, employment, and postgraduate enrollment.

It is necessary to continue to tap employment resources, broaden employment channels, and extensively contact employers to ensure that graduates can achieve maximum employment.

The postgraduate re-examination work must strictly follow the requirements of the Ministry of Education to ensure that the postgraduate enrollment is fair, transparent, stable, and orderly.

It is necessary to closely track the mental health of students and carry out psychological counseling in a timely manner to ensure students' mental health and emotional stability.

The meeting also reviewed and approved the newly revised "Emergency Response Plan for Public Health Emergencies of China Foreign Affairs University."

In accordance with the latest requirements for epidemic prevention and control, the revised plan further clarifies the organizational structure and work responsibilities and strengthens the hospital’s reporting, tracking.

And response system to maximize the protection of the health and life safety of all teachers, students, and staff, and maintain the college's Stable and orderly.


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