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Graduate Association

The Graduate Student Association of China Foreign Affairs University is a student organization that serves all graduate students on campus, and is an organization for all graduate students to conduct "self-education, self-management, and self-service".


The main responsibilities of the Graduate Student Association of China Foreign Affairs University include:

1. Follow and implement the party's education policy, carry out in-depth socialism, collectivism, patriotism, and school-loving education among the majority of graduate students, assist the party organization in doing a good job in the ideological and political education of graduate students, and promote the overall development of the majority of graduate students;

2. Give full play to the role of a bridge and link, reasonably reflect the opinions and requirements of students through various channels, participate in the democratic management of school affairs involving graduate students, and truly "think what students think and what students need, come from classmates, Go to classmates" to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of graduate students;

3. Carry forward the fine tradition of diligent study and assiduous research of our graduate students, actively organize and carry out various activities such as academic seminars, literary sports, social practice, etc., to create a positive, progressive, healthy, and elegant campus culture atmosphere, and advocate a good school spirit. Style of study, the Graduate Association has six functional departments including the Office, Social Practice Department, Propaganda Department, Outreach Department, Culture and Sports Department, and Guoguan Reading Club, which are responsible for the daily work of the Graduate Association;

4. Strengthen the contact and cooperation with graduate students and postgraduate organizations outside the school, and strive to explore exchanges and cooperation with undergraduate students and student organizations.


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