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Hold a graduation ceremony

On the morning of July 6, 2020, the China Foreign Affairs University held the 2020 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony.

This graduation ceremony was held with the theme of "Believe in the Heart, Only Going Far" and was held online and offline simultaneously.

Give graduates a special and unforgettable graduation gift. Secretary Qi Dayu, Dean Xu Jian, Deputy Dean Wang Fan, Deputy Dean Sun Jisheng, Deputy Dean Li Hongmei, Deputy Secretary Dong Jie and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and Deputy Dean Gao Fei attended the graduation ceremony.

The deans (directors, directors) of the colleges (departments, departments, and institutes), party secretaries, teacher representatives, heads of various functional departments, representatives of foreign teachers, and graduates attended the main venue of the graduation ceremony.

All graduates, parents of graduates, non-graduates, and alumni attended the Cloud Graduation Ceremony.

The opening video before the ceremony recalled the unforgettable and wonderful time of the 2020 graduates at the China Foreign Affairs University.

Through the grievances of the graduates, it aroused strong resonance among teachers and students, parents and friends online and offline, and expressed the graduates’ attachment to their alma mater and their teachers. Of deep gratitude.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the graduation ceremony kicked off with the majestic national anthem. Deputy Dean Wang Fan presided over the graduation ceremony.




In his message, Secretary Qi Dayu extended best wishes to all the 2020 graduates who successfully completed their studies, and expressed sincere thanks to the teachers and parents for their hard work.

Secretary Qi said that in the first half of this year, we have jointly experienced the big test of the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

All teachers and students of the China Foreign Affairs University actively participated in the fight against the epidemic in different ways, experienced a rare growth and temper, and practiced their own homeland feelings. And the mission.

He encouraged the students to follow the ardent expectations placed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, strengthen their ideals and convictions, have a family and the world in mind, and closely integrate their personal development with the future of the country and the destiny of the nation.

Bearing in mind the school motto of the China Foreign Affairs University, promoting the Cradle of Chinese Diplomats Unique Chinese feelings, world-view quality, daring to climb, and courage to take responsibility; down-to-earth, forge ahead, and good at creating an extraordinary performance in ordinary positions.

Thank you all for the wonderful achievements you have brought to China Foreign Affairs University. The Academy will always be your warm spiritual home.

Finally, Secretary Qi issued a special invitation to all the graduates of the 2020 class and welcomes students to come back to participate in any year's graduation ceremony in the future. I wish the students not forget their original intentions, move forward bravely, have a bright future, and have a bright future!




In his speech, Dean Xu Jian, on behalf of the China Foreign Affairs University, extended warm congratulations to the 2020 graduates and extended high respect to the teachers and parents who worked hard to nurture students!

Dean Xu encourages graduates to keep their original mission in mind in planting their ideals; to constantly cultivate themselves in careful practice; to take the initiative in the unity of knowledge and action; to build a global dream in the United States and the United States.

As Chinese youths in the new era, they must grasp the pulse of the times, listen to the voices of the times, practice the mission of the times, and be in the same direction with the theme of the times in order to grow into newcomers of the times who are responsible for the great task of national rejuvenation.




Professor Xiong Wei from the Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management made a speech as a teacher representative. Professor Xiong Wei said that under the unprecedented impact and test of this epidemic, smooth graduation in itself is a commendable achievement.

Everyone who graduated in such an extraordinary year and experienced such an extraordinary test, I believe that everyone will have an extraordinary life.

He shared his feelings about the epidemic with "resilience", and hoped that all the students will gain the thickness of life, learn the practice of resilience, and let this road lead to the destined to shine. The front.

Yannan Cao from the School of International Economics gave a speech as a representative of undergraduate graduates.

Yannan Cao, on behalf of all undergraduates, first expressed gratitude to the teachers who were carefully nurtured; expressed gratitude to parents who gave meticulous care.

And also to all graduates who adhere to their beliefs and shoulder responsibilities in the prevention and control of the epidemic Thanks! Student Cao Yannan shared his understanding of the “ideal and conviction” of the most precious wealth left to graduates by the China Foreign Affairs University.

He said that he must strengthen his ideals and convictions, keep in mind the original mission, stick to responsibilities, walk with the times, walk with the motherland, and set out again!

Liu Qi from the International Relations Department of the Graduate School made a speech as a representative of graduate students. Liu Qi expressed his love for his alma mater, his gratitude to the teachers, and his encouragement to his classmates.

As a student of the China Foreign Affairs University in the new era, he must inherit the ideal goals of long winds and waves, lofty ambitions, and cultivate an international vision that spans the past and the present and transcends the east and the west.

To resolutely contribute to world peace, development and prosperity must courageously undertake the important task of devoting itself to the construction of socialism and realizing the "Chinese Dream", and strive to achieve the "two centenary" goals.

International student graduates spoke on behalf of Ghanaian Xiuwansi students. Student Xiu Wansi expressed that he was very lucky to study in China, and expressed his gratitude to the college leaders and teachers for their hard work, and expressed his love and gratitude to his alma mater.

He said that the world needs us more than ever before. Let us contribute our wisdom and strength to international cooperation, to the health of the people of the world, and to world peace and prosperity.




Hu Fan from the Department of Foreign Languages spoke as a representative of the students. She expressed that she will follow the senior and senior sisters as an example, inherit the spirit of the China Foreign Affairs University. And encourage each other with the 16-character school motto, stick to the self, achieve the greater self, keep in mind the entrustment, bravely pursue dreams, and strive to create a broader world on the stage of the new era.

The mother of Li Muqing from the English Department spoke as the parent representative of the graduates.

She extended her high respect and gratitude to the leaders and teachers of the college. She said that the college attaches great importance to the humanistic care for every student, with distinctive diplomatic characteristics and outstanding foreign language advantages, as well as family and country feelings and international perspectives.

Making every student who exits the diplomatic college a leader among his peers. . Finally, on behalf of all parents, she hopes that the graduates will believe in themselves, cherish their time, work hard, and make people have no regrets.

The most solemn moment of the graduation ceremony was ushered in the warm applause. Secretary Qi, Dean Xu, and other leaders of the college awarded graduation certificates and degree certificates to the graduate representatives and set the crown for the graduates.




In the loud singing of "My Motherland and Me", the 2020 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of China Foreign Affairs University came to a successful conclusion.




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