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The China Foreign Affairs University is the only university directly under the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of foreign affairs serving China and cultivating first-class foreign affairs and talents.

Under the initiative of Premier Zhou Enlai, it was established in 1955 with the approval of the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao.

Premier Zhou wrote the name of the college in his own hand. At that time, Marshal Chen Yi, Vice Premier of the State Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs, served as the first dean of the Foreign Affairs College.

Since its establishment, our institute has always received cordial care from state leaders. Premier Zhou Enlai, Vice Premier Chen Yi, Vice Premier Qian Qichen, State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan, State Councilor Dai Bingguo, State Councilor Yang Jiechi, State Councilor, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi, as well as successive foreign ministers。

Have visited the college many times to inspect and guide the work. On the occasion of the 40th and 50th anniversary of the establishment of the college, party and state leaders such as Chairman Jiang Zemin, Premier Li Peng, Vice Premier Li Lanqing, and Vice Premier Qian Qichen wrote inscriptions and sent congratulatory letters to the college.

Placing high expectations on the college. In September 2012, Comrade Wen Jiabao, then Premier of the State Council, inscribed "The Cradle of Chinese Diplomats" for the college.

The School of Foreign Affairs of China earnestly implements the party’s educational policy, adopting the sixteen-character policy of "Standing a firm stand, mastering policies.

Familiarizing with business, and strictly observing discipline" put forward by Premier Zhou Enlai to diplomats as the school motto, and based on Comrade Jiang Zemin's "Focus on the motherland and look forward" to our school. The inscription spirit of the world.

Facing the future, and cultivating talents and Comrade Qian Qichen’s policy of "facing the world, facing the future, facing the society, facing the reality" put forward by Comrade Qian Qichen is the school-running policy, and the training of high-level diplomatic and foreign affairs talents is the goal of the school.

Continuously increase the intensity of teaching reform, reform the school model and the school system, broaden the professional direction, implement the credit system, the major and minor system, and the dual degree system, adjust the curriculum, update the teaching content, and continuously improve the teaching quality and teaching level, as well as the comprehensive quality of students.

Adhering to the school-running philosophy of distinctive diplomatic characteristics and outstanding foreign language advantages.

Our school is committed to cultivating outstanding diplomatic and foreign affairs talents who "love the motherland, know the world, speak majors, proficient in foreign languages, and have high-quality and compound skills".

The college advocates the integration of theory with practice, seeking truth from facts, assiduously and rigorously, and emphasizes the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, and physical fitness.

In terms of ideological and political ethics, we attach importance to self-cultivation education, especially patriotism, collectivism, socialism, national conditions, and organizational discipline education.

In teaching, we pay attention to basic theoretical courses, basic skills training, and ability training. We also emphasize the improvement of foreign language skills and the mastery of basic knowledge in diplomatic business, economics, and law, and cultivate politics and business, Chinese and foreign languages, etc. Compound talents who combine theory and practice.

To meet the needs of various talents in my country's reform and opening up, foreign affairs and foreign affairs, our school adopts a "multi-standard, multi-level, and multi-form" school system to recruit doctoral, master, and undergraduate students.

Our school has established 9 teaching units, including the Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management, the Department of English, the Department of Foreign Languages.

The Department of International Law, the School of International Economics, the Department of Basic Teaching, the Department of Graduate Studies, the Institute of International Relations, and the Institute of International Education. There are more than 30 research centers including Zhou Enlai's Diplomatic Research Center and the Institute of International Law.

Our college is the first university in the country to establish a diploma in diplomacy, and it is also the first batch of masters and doctoral institutions in international relations and diplomacy.

Now it has two national-level key disciplines: International Relations and Diplomacy. English Language and Literature is a national-level specialty, and political science (first-level discipline) is a high-tech discipline in Beijing.

Possess 1 post-doctoral mobile station, 1 first-level discipline doctoral program, 3 first-level discipline master programs, 3 second-level discipline doctoral programs, 13 second-level discipline master programs, and 4 professional degree-granting rights, 10 undergraduate majors.

Two national first-level societies-China Society of International Relations and the China Society of International Law and Beijing "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Affairs Management Research Base" are located in our institute.

Inter-school exchanges between our school and foreign universities are expanding. At present, it has established friendly relations with 102 universities or institutions in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, etc., and sends some outstanding undergraduate and graduate students to the United States.

Russia, and Japan every year, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and other countries to exchange and study. In addition, in January 2013, our institute signed an agreement with the University of French Polynesia to jointly establish a Confucius Institute.

Over the past 60 years since its establishment, the China Foreign Affairs University has cultivated more than 20,000 outstanding graduates for the country in line with the policy of serving the overall situation of China’s diplomacy and the front line of diplomacy.

Of which more than 500 have served as ambassadors abroad, making important contributions to the new China’s diplomacy. Wherever the five-star red flag is raised in the world, there are graduates of our college.

With the continuous enhancement of my country's comprehensive national strength, the country's need for outstanding diplomatic talents is increasing day by day.

The scale and teaching conditions of the campus located in Exhibition Road, Xicheng District, Beijing are far from being able to meet the needs. Under the care of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Party Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the construction of the Shahe Campus of the China Foreign Affairs University was completed and put into use in September 2012.

The new campus has spacious and bright classrooms, complete and modern facilities, and a pleasing campus environment, which embodies the characteristics of open, tolerant, rational, and full of humanistic care.

On September 10, 2012, Comrade Wen Jiabao, then Premier of the State Council, came to the new campus to attend the unveiling ceremony of the bronze statues of Premier Zhou Enlai and Marshal Chen Yi and delivered an important speech. The first-class concept will send first-class talents to the diplomatic cause of the motherland."

On January 3, 2014, the signing ceremony of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education to jointly build the Diplomatic Academy was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

According to the "Agreement on the Joint Establishment of the Diplomatic Academy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education."

The two ministries established a coordination mechanism to increase support for the academy in terms of policy support, funding guarantees, discipline construction, scientific research, talent training, cadre training, and teacher team construction. Intensity.

On September 21, 2017, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Development and Reform Commission announced the "Notice on Announcement of the List of World-Class Universities.

First-Class Disciplinary Construction Universities and Discipline Construction", and China Foreign Affairs University successfully ranked among the first batch of 95 world-class disciplines in the country The ranks of universities!

Building a world-class university of disciplines is a glorious mission given to China Foreign Affairs University by the party and the state, and China Foreign Affairs University has ushered in new development opportunities.

Our college is actively exploring and innovating, exploring new ways to train compound diplomatic and foreign affairs personnel, comprehensively improving the level of discipline construction, deepening teaching reform, and improving teaching quality.

The teachers, students, and staff of the school work together to become an "incubator of Chinese diplomatic talents in the new era, a pioneer in the research and innovation of Chinese diplomatic theory in the new era, and a new force in foreign exchanges and cooperation in the new era", and send first-class talents to the diplomatic cause of the motherland.


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