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The student union of the Youth League Committee

The Committee of the Communist Youth League School of Foreign Affairs is an advanced youth mass organization led by the Communist Party of China, an assistant and reserve army of the school party committee, and a bridge and link between the party and young students. The Youth League Committee of the China Foreign Affairs University is an organization and leading agency for the Youth League and Youth League members at all levels under the leadership of the school party committee. The Youth League Committee of the China Foreign Affairs University adheres to the belief of being close to the grassroots and the youth, focusing on the development of young people, and cultivating high-level diplomatic and foreign affairs youths for the motherland's diplomatic cause.


The main responsibilities of the Youth League Committee of China Foreign Affairs University include:

1. Leading the work of the Communist Youth League of the school. Organize the whole school's Communist Youth League to carry out work for the school's rapid development and in-depth service to students.

2. In terms of ideological education, focusing on the central task of the school, strengthen and improve the ideological and political education of students; promote the construction of spiritual civilization of the whole school; be responsible for guiding and organizing the implementation of ideological and theoretical education, propaganda and cultural activities, training, selection, recommendation, To commend outstanding youth members.

3. In terms of campus cultural activities, combining the diplomatic characteristics of the college, focusing on the growth of young students, building a campus cultural system with contemporary and diplomatic characteristics, and launching a representative Beijing Model United Nations Competition, Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs Etiquette Competition, and simulated news Speaker contest and other series of activities.

4. In terms of social practice and voluntary service, the Youth League Committee of the China Foreign Affairs University promotes the institutionalization of college students’ social practice and assesses students’ social practice; to improve the sense of social responsibility and social practice abilities of the new generation of college students, combining the characteristics of the school, leading school volunteers Carry out a wide range of social service activities to comprehensively improve the overall quality of students. The Volunteer Service Organization of the China Foreign Affairs University is complete, the system is complete, and the students are of high quality. It often undertakes service activities for large-scale national events.

5. Regarding the self-construction of the regiment, the Youth League Committee of the China Foreign Affairs University has continuously strengthened the self-construction of the school regiment with the spirit of reform and innovation, adhering to the working ideas of party building and team building, guided the organizational construction of the school regiment and the construction of the care team, and promoted the construction of the grassroots organization of the regiment. ; Select, train, and recommend outstanding young cadres.

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