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The student won third place in the English final

On December 20, 2020, the finals of the 2020 "Faiyanshe Cup" National English Speech Contest came to an end at the Beijing R&F Wanda Realm Hotel after four rounds of fierce competition.

Liu Xiaoxiao, a junior student of the English Department, participated in the competition on behalf of the China Foreign Affairs University and competed on the same stage with 182 outstanding contestants from colleges and universities across the country, and achieved excellent results in third place.

In the Beijing regional semi-finals held earlier, Liu Xiaoxiao won the special prize and successfully broke through and advanced to the national competition.

The first two rounds of the finals kicked off online in a live broadcast format. University students from 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and Macao Special Administrative Regions, and overseas students from many countries in China participated in the competition through video connections.

In the first three rounds of the knockout rounds, Liu Xiaoxiao was fully prepared and calmly dealt with, and advanced to the final fourth round of the finals with outstanding performance.

In the fourth round on the 20th, the first half of the 9-in-5 competition was held. The format of the competition was still to select the topic and topic of the speech the day before.

After the topic speech, a challenge was added. In this session, Liu Xiaoxiao, as the first opening contestant, withstood tremendous pressure and calmly discussed the positive impact of the information revolution on the development of human society.

From three aspects: man and nature, man and man, and man and himself. Speaking, the challenging part responded quickly, answered the questions, and entered the next stage smoothly.

In the following expansion, questioning, and summary speeches, Liu Xiaoxiao sublimated his views based on the previous speeches, and was highly regarded by the judges. In the end, he won third place in the country with the fourth overall score.

The "Waiyanshe Cup" National English Speaking Competition is jointly organized by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing Waiyan Online Education Technology Co.Ltd.

The Ministry of Education College Foreign Language Teaching Guidance Committee, the Ministry of Education College English Major Teaching Guidance Subcommittee, and China Foreign Language Education Research Co-hosted by the center, the event was founded in 2002 and has become one of the highest levels.

Widest coverage, and strongest academic English speech events for college students in China. Congratulations to Liu Xiaoxiao for his excellent results in this important event!

Teachers, Yinghong He and Teacher Zhao Bing from the speech team of the Innovation Practice Training Center of the English Department before the competition gave careful guidance to the contestants in their speech topic selection.

Speech writing, and speech skills, and provided technical and resource support. Thank you for the team’s pre-match guidance and training! At the same time, thank the relevant departments of the college for their strong support!




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