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College Talents Celebrate 100 Years-Reading Sharing Session


July 19th, our school’s international students participated in the "Lei Diansheng-Faith: A Ten Years of Walking China" reading sharing session held on Xueyuan Road Street.


Lei Diansheng is the farthest hiker in the world, breaking the Guinness World Record for Hiking, and was selected as the "First China Top Ten Hiking People".1987In 1988, Lei Diansheng noticed the Xu Xiake stamp issued by China Post and was deeply moved by this ancient Chinese traveler;1989His chance encounter with trekker Yu Chunshun in the year gave him the determination to realize his dream of trekking all over China. He used10In the past year, I have traveled all over the country, experienced the local customs, made countless friends, and completed the myth that no one can surpass. - 31Successfully crossed Lop Nur in the day. During this journey, he has experienced the moments of life and death many times and suffered from others' puzzlement, but he has always maintained a firm belief and has finished his journey firmly.


In 1988, Lei Diansheng was honored to be selected as the torchbearer of the 29th Olympic Games. After he heard the news, he rushed to make a five-star red flag pattern, the emblem of the Beijing Olympic Games and the "China·Beijing 2008 Olympic glory"2008 Millimeter square flag, and was covered before the opening of the Olympic Games 2008 Postmarks.


In the process of sharing his own experience, Lei Diansheng emphasized "the unity of knowledge and action"; He told his classmates the importance of "belief". Only with belief can there be the motivation to persevere; at the same time, one must respect nature and adapt to the environment.


The students listened carefully to Lei Diansheng’s speech on the spot, and put forward their own questions to Lei Diansheng. At the same time, they also expressed their admiration, saying that they should be like him, stick to their beliefs and complete their own dream.


Finally, the students took a group photo with Lei Diansheng.

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