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Chinese Language Program


1. Qualification

(1) High school graduate (equivalent educational level) or above;

(2) Age from 18 to 50;

(3) Healthy physically and psychologically.


2. Study Period

Spring Semester: from March 15th, 2021 to July 9th, 2021

Registration time: March 12th, 2021


3. Materials for application

(1) Application Form (see document attached);

(2) Guarantee Certificate of your Guardian (see document attached);

(3) A copy of your passport;

(4) A copy of the guarantee's identity card (the guarantee maybe Chinese or a foreigner);

(5) A copy of your educational certificate (the highest educational degree obtained) or study certificate (before you received your educational certificate);

(6) electronic version of identification photo  (white background, photo size not less than 320*240 pixels, size 100-500 kb, JPG format);

(7)  Foreigner Physical Examination Form;

(8) Application fee RMB 420 (A scanned copy of the remittance receipt)Applicants who are studying at any other school in China need to submit the additional materials listed below:

a. Release Letter (with stamp) from the school where the applicant is studying;

b. A copy of your Chinese visa or residence permit;

c. A copy of your temporary residence form.


4. Procedures

Applicants need to post or take the above materials and application fee (cash or receipt of money transfer) directly to the Center before the deadline (each item of the Application Form needs to be filled in completely).

The Center will send an Admission Letter and a Visa Application Form (JW202) within 2 months after the materials are approved, and then the enrolled student can apply for his visa. Students studying for one semester or less can apply for an X2-Visa. Students studying for a whole semester or longer must hold an X1-Visa. Other visas cannot be accepted.


5. Deadline for application

For spring semester: by the end of December of the previous year

For the fall semester: by the end of June each year

Address: 39 Dong Mianhua Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China, 100710

Tel: +86-10-64035626\56620498       



6. Curriculum

Compulsory Courses Classroom 1 (low) Classroom 2 (middle) Classroom 3 (high)

Comprehensive Chinese;

Oral Chinese;

Listening Comprehension


Comprehensive Chinese;

Oral Chinese;

Listening Comprehension(HSK);


Comprehensive Chinese(HSK); Oral Chinese;

Listening Comprehension(HSK);

Pronunciation; Newspaper Reading;

Reading & Writing; Chinese Culture
Optional Courses Chinese Characters: Reading & Writing, Artist Chinese, Mask Painting of Peking Opera, Basic Acting & Basic Movement Training, Chinese Traditional Songs, Tai Chi

1. Four compulsory classes in the morning (8:30 am-11:50 am) from Monday to Friday. Optional Courses are free, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm;

2. Universities and organizations are welcome to discuss more details with us directly;

3. All the facilities, including a DVD player and tape recorder in the classrooms are free to be used by all our students after the class is finished.


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