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Cooperation agreement with the School of Music and Drama, UK


On the morning of November 19th, Hao Rong, Dean of our School, and Orla O'Loughlin, Deputy Dean of the School of Music and Drama, City Hall of the City of London, United Kingdom and Danny McGrath, Head of the Double Degree Program (Danny McGrath) and Gareth Higgins, Executive Director of Production and Drama Department, had a meeting. Director Li Jin of the International Student Management Office and Chen Yi from the International Student Management Office attended the meeting.




Hao Rong extended a warm welcome to the visit of Ola Olorin and his party. He said that 2019 is a crucial year in the cooperation between the two universities. Not long ago, the two parties have just successfully completed the renewal of the inter-university exchange project agreement for the undergraduate dual degree in drama, film, and television performance. From 2020, the two schools will continue to recruit and train three-term students. The renewal of the Sino-British dual degree program is the recognition and affirmation of the joint training results of the two schools in the previous four years, and also demonstrates the sincerity and confidence of both parties in the future cooperation of the project.




Ola said that it is a great honor to complete his first visit to our hospital at this special moment. She said that the current two-time dual-degree program students have left a deep impression on City Hall College. They not only possess excellent professional quality and learning ability but also bring a new cultural experience to British teachers and students. The City Hall College believes that the dual degree program launched by the two universities will surely become a model and benchmark for similar cooperation between China and Britain.




Hao Rong said that the success of the dual degree program is inseparable from the cooperation of the colleagues of the two schools over the past four years. He also took this opportunity to express his gratitude to Danny, Gareth, and the City Hall Academy team. He believes that the students jointly cultivated by both parties will be the industry pioneers with an international perspective. In the near future, they will surely become the backbone of leading the development of Chinese and British drama films and television. Later, Ola and his entourage visited the theater center, the history museum, and the guide building of our hospital, and watched successively the graduation performance "Romeo and Juliet" of the 2016 double-degree drama.


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