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Winter Holiday activities successfully concluded

March 19, 2021

Due to the continuation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic around the world, more than 60 international students in our school strictly abide by the relevant regulations of the school’s epidemic prevention and control in the past year, cooperate with the closed management of the campus, and contribute to the prevention and control of our school’s epidemic. A piece of strength. During the winter vacation, in order to implement the spirit of the school’s party committee’s instructions on the management and service of vacation students during the epidemic period, and to enrich the vacation life of international students, the School of International Education fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the student representatives in the school, combined with the living habits and hobbies of international students, and carefully planned international education The college's 2021 "Colorful Winter" winter vacation series activities.


The 2021 "Colorful Winter" winter vacation series activities of the International Education College uphold the principles of "education through fun and affection through life", incorporate traditional Chinese culture, combined with medical professional characteristics, and embody the national cultural characteristics of international students. This series of activities is a gluttonous winter vacation package created by the School of International Education for students inside and outside the school: the selection and training of volunteers in the International Student Life Science Museum enables international students in our school to better use the vacation to understand relevant medical basics, and for international students or even foreign friends to visit me The school's life science museum reserves on-site English narrators; the classic movie "Shawshank's Salvation", selected for film appreciation, has brought too many life shocks and insights to the overseas students who watched the film. In the current epidemic situation, watching it again will add a little more Positive motivation. The hope in the heart and the attitude towards life and our own choices will be the key to our success or not, or "life abuses me thousands of times, and I treat life like first love"; entertainment night and happy fitness day by table tennis friendlies, international chess, Kara ok game, badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis and fitness activities, students not only enhance the friendship with each other, so that like the same sports students find like-minded playmates, but also in activities It fully releases the mood and achieves the purpose of exercising together and having fun together, so that happiness can drive away loneliness; the night of “beauty and common” for international cultural exchanges and mutual learning can be called a small-scale display of world culture. Students from different countries enjoy food, Costume show, musical instrument dance as the medium, and joy as the media, together to play the harmonious "red medical version" of the beauty of the world culture; the first aid knowledge sharing session and the collision of ideas in Ted Talk, all use medical knowledge as the background and are sharing Learn heat first aid, cold first aid, and first aid for musculoskeletal injuries; in the impromptu lecture Ted Talk, international students also carry out medical knowledge to the end, laugh with joy in the collision of ideas, and obtain the extension of knowledge. The Chinese New Year blessing video recording event brought the winter holiday series to a climax. It allowed domestic and foreign students to fully integrate into the outstanding traditional Chinese festivals, sticking couplets, red Chinese knots, writing "Fu", auspicious red scarves, collectives A series of activities such as singing "Happy New Year" in Chinese literature and making dumplings in the school cafeteria have given international students a deeper understanding of the meaning of the Spring Festival and Chinese culture.


According to statistics, there are more than 130 international students participating in the winter vacation series of activities in the International Education College, which reflects our school’s care and love for international students and strengthens the emotional connection between the college and students. This holiday will leave a place for international students inside and outside the school. A beautiful memory of winter vacation.


The epidemic is ruthless and affectionate. Through self-organized activities, students not only improve their practical ability but also strengthen their sense of identity with the college and enhance the friendship between teachers and students. Reunion is also the longing of international students. The series of warm activities during the winter vacation have greatly eased the anxiety and loneliness of international students who have not returned home for more than a year. International students can feel the warmth of the school and teachers towards their home from the activities and fully appreciate it. To a sense of belonging to his alma mater. The activities of the college during the winter vacation are accompanied and participated by the teachers on duty. The students feel that they are the children of China Medical University, the children of China, and China Medical University is their home.


"Fun Winter" Winter Holiday Series in Miniature







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