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International Student Dormitory Hygiene Competition

May 06, 2021

In order to continue to create a safe, clean and warm accommodation environment, to further cultivate good living and hygiene habits for international students, and to improve the civilized quality of international students, the college proposed in early April the "My Dormitory," which aims to promote civilized life and promote campus culture. "My Home" International Student Dormitory Sanitation Competition.


On April 29th, the School of International Education launched the International Student Dormitory Hygiene Competition in the college conference room. Vice Dean Chen Lei and all the faculty and staff of the college participated in the selection.




The candidates for this competition are the rooms of all students in the 16th and 17th dormitories. The assessment focuses on safety, neatness, cleanliness, comfort and beauty, highlighting the youthful vitality of college students. In the preliminary selection session, the college sent 6 teachers to the 16th and 17th dormitories for preliminary screening. In the end, 28 student dormitories were selected for the finals.






In the final selection process, upholding the principle of fairness and justice, the photos of the shortlisted dormitories are displayed one by one in the conference room. The leaders and faculty present will score points, and finally, 2 first prize dormitories and 5-second prize dormitories are selected. , 7 third prize dormitories.




The dormitory is the main study and living place for international students. The elegant dormitory culture and clean sanitary environment can not only reflect the good hygiene habits of international students, but also reflect the students' ability to self-manage themselves. The dormitory is the window of campus culture, and the environment of the dormitory is also closely related to each student's lifestyle, learning attitude, behavioral norms, and values. The college hopes that through organizing the majority of students to carry out the evaluation of dormitory hygiene, in order to promote reform, improve the self-service ability of international students, and promote the comprehensive improvement of the comprehensive quality of international students.


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