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"First Class" College Environment Maintenance Activity

March 26, 2021
In order to guide students to love the college and promote the school, establish the quality and concept of advocating labor, respecting labor, establishing a sense of self-service, and exerting the spirit of ownership, on March 25, the International Education Institute organized the "First Class" college environment maintenance activity. The international students participating in the activity carefully watered the green plants in the activity room, sorted and arranged the books of the Chinese Culture Bookstore, and coded the books for easy management, cleaning, and clean environment.


Previously, the School of International Education upgraded the student cultural leisure activity room, built a Chinese cultural bookstore, and a multi-functional research room. Students have a better place for communication and discussion, reading study, and activities. During the winter vacation this year, the students took advantage of these places to conduct eight entertaining and colorful activities. They thanked the school for the good environment provided. They took the initiative to clean after each activity and consciously participated in environmental maintenance.


Through environmental maintenance activities, students have improved their self-service awareness, self-management ability and willingness to contribute, and cultivated virtues in volunteer service.


The college will continue to normalize such activities in the future, explore the development mode of labor education courses, attract students to actively participate, establish students' sense of responsibility, cultivate students' comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and labor, and guide students to love the college, honor the school, and Youhua.








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