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Living Guide



1. At the south gate and west gate of the campus, take bus 197 directly to the subway entrance. Then, you can take Metro Line 2 to various districts in the city.




2. At the east gate of the campus, take the temporary special line of China Medical University, you can go directly to Beiling Park Station or Shenyang North Station, and then choose the subway or bus to reach all districts in the city.


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Other facilities

There are Shengjing Bank, infirmary, student's first canteen, student's second canteen and Muslim dining room on campus.

1. Bank:

Shengjing Bank is located on the west side of the complex, which is convenient for students to handle deposit and withdrawal business on campus.


2. Seek medical attention:

The infirmary is located at the east gate of the school, 200 meters to the left. Students can use the medical manual for medical treatment.


3. Dining:

The school has a first canteen for students, a second canteen for students and a Muslim restaurant. The canteen has a wide variety of dishes, and there are coffee rooms in the second student canteen and the first floor of the comprehensive building to meet the dining needs of students.

In order to further improve teacher and student services and school safety protection, and build a safe, civilized and harmonious campus, the school selects a telephone number that is easy for teachers and students to remember as the overall duty telephone and the school service telephone, as follows:

Phone number on duty: 31933333 (24 hours a day manned)

Public security alarm telephone number: 31939110

Fire Center Phone Number: 31939119

Outpatient department phone number: 31939120

One-stop service phone number: 31939000

Card Service Center Phone Number: 31939132


Psychological counseling




1. Address:

Student Mental Development Guidance Center


2. Consultation time:

Wednesday, 8:30-11:30 in the morning, 1:30-4:40 in the afternoon.


3. Appointment method:

Psychological consultation time can be reserved in advance through the college


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