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2021 International Student Safety Education Conference

February 03, 2021

In order to implement the spirit of student management and service instructions during the epidemic, on the afternoon of January 27, the International Education Institute held the 2021 International Student Safety Education Conference in the form of Dingding Multi-Group Simulcast. Pan Bochen, Dean of the School of International Education, Chen Lei, Associate Dean, all international student counselors and international students attended the conference online simultaneously.


At the meeting, Dean Pan Bochen first reviewed the fact that during the COVID-19 epidemic, we worked as one nation to overcome the difficulties, which enabled the COVID-19 epidemic to be effectively prevented and controlled in China, and introduced to the students that the local epidemic in China was sporadic and localized. The sexual epidemic situation is intertwined and superimposed. Liaoning and Liaoning have just passed the epidemic, but there are still epidemics in neighboring provinces, and the situation remains grim. Through the analysis of the current epidemic situation and specific cases, the question of when overseas students are concerned about when to return to China to continue their studies has been answered. Dean Pan Bochen relayed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China mentioned that it will coordinate the content of foreign students returning to China under the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention, so as to calm the emotions of the students and popularize the knowledge of epidemic prevention.


Pan Bochen introduced that during the epidemic, the school was very concerned about the safety and life of students. It sent condolences and anti-epidemic supplies to students inside and outside the school, helped students order meals and order daily necessities, etc., to ensure the normal life of students during the epidemic. The college continues to innovate online teaching methods and carry out online teaching through multiple platforms to ensure the completion of teaching tasks. During the epidemic, the students studied hard, exercised, and actively cooperated and supported the college's epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work. Some students sent encouraging words to the school, some called on them to cooperate in the fight against the epidemic in the form of videos, and some promoted and introduced China's successful experience and touching stories in the fight against the epidemic in the local media. It is worth mentioning that the works of 3 international students in our school were successfully selected into the "Perception of China · Our Anti-epidemic Stories" essay collection organized by the China Scholarship Council. One of the articles was reprinted on multiple Weibo platforms, and An international student won the first prize in the "My China's Anti-epidemic Story" essay contest held by the Tanzania Chinese Cultural Center and was published in the full text by the Tanzanian mainstream newspaper "Daily News", encouraging the people to gather strength and join hands to fight the epidemic.






At the meeting, Pan Bochen once again emphasized fire safety, especially the precautions to prevent dormitory fires and travel safety; especially remind students to stay away from drugs, prevent AIDS, and develop good living habits; reiterated the rules on exam integrity, dormitory management and tuition payment, etc. matter. At the same time, he also summarized some of the results of the psychological survey of the whole hospital carried out in the previous stage. He pointed out that the epidemic did affect the mental health of the students. He hoped that the students should pay attention to and manage their mental health during the epidemic. Seek help from a professional psychologist or use the school's psychological counseling channels.


Pan Bochen shared with the students the changes in the college environment in the past year, such as the upgrading of classroom equipment, the upgrading of the student cultural and leisure activity room, the construction of the Chinese bookshelf reading room and the multi-functional training room, etc., indicating that the college is striving for a better The college environment welcomes the healthy return of the students. The epidemic has once again deeply felt that we belong to the CMU family. Let us work together and hope for the victory of the fight against the epidemic.






The 2021 International Student Safety Education Conference is a meaningful and necessary meeting held by the School of International Education for international students at home and abroad at the beginning of the winter vacation. Through this meeting, teachers and students reviewed their work and life in the past year of the epidemic, answered students' concerns, increased students' understanding of the school and college, increased cohesion, and enhanced students' safety awareness and self-protection ability.


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