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"Ping-Pong Fight for Solidarity" trade union activity

April 28, 2021


At noon on April 25, 2021, the School of International Education successfully held the 2021 spring semester "Ping Pong for Unity" activity at 408 on the fourth floor. This union activity adheres to the idea of gathering strength and promoting the spirit of red medicine, combined with the requirements of the healthy China strategy, and aims to further enhance the physical fitness of the majority of faculty and staff and enrich the lives of faculty and staff.


After careful planning and scientific layout, the table tennis competition has two stages, the preliminary and the final. The preliminary round was held on April 23. The preliminary round was a knockout round, with a two-win-of-three system, and the two sides were decided by drawing lots. Table tennis, as China’s national ball, has a high popularity rate. This activity has received positive responses from all the faculty members of the college. Before the game, they used the rest time to carry out exercises such as serving the ball. Teachers who are not familiar with table tennis skills are also eager to try to join the practice. In the team, learn from each other to promote learning through practice. During the competition, the participating faculty and staff adhered to the sports spirit of "friendship first, competition second, meeting friends with the ball, and learning skills", and while striving to beat and compete, they were not lacking in fun and interaction.




After the preliminary selection, the final was held on April 25, and the top four were selected to enter the final, using a five-game three-win system. The evenly matched teachers are even more exciting: pen-hold shooting, horizontal shooting, smashing, spinning ball, curveball, etc. have all been reflected. During the game, there were enthusiastic cheers from time to time, and the wonderful results were finally passed through the competition. To the top three.




After the finals, the college also set up a special teacher-student friendly match, inviting international students on campus to feel the charm of table tennis together. The students showed great interest in the sport of table tennis and expressed their interest in the Chinese table tennis team in the Olympics. The excellent performance and results in the school were impressive, and they took the initiative to learn skills such as gripping and serving from the teachers present and conducted friendly discussions with the teachers, and the atmosphere was warm.




This table tennis competition has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the faculty and staff to participate, provides opportunities for teachers in various departments to exchange and learn from each other, and also builds a platform for communication and interaction between teachers and students. The positive attitude of everyone working hard and showing a fuller spirit also reflects the cohesion and appeal of the college ward. In the competition, the participating faculty and staff carried forward the spirit of respect, friendship, and win-win sports competition, and believed that the positive energy and spirit that burst out on the field could be transformed into the motivation to love their jobs, work hard, and make progress together for the development of the college.


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