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Hold "cloud back to school" activity

On November 7, the School of International Culture carried out the “Cloud Back to School” activity for international alumni in a combination of online and offline methods.

More than a hundred alumni gathered in the cloud to recall the past and provide suggestions for the college’s "14th Five-Year Plan".

Wei Jingjing, Deputy Director of the Alumni Affairs Office of our school, Jiang Guoquan, Secretary of the Party Branch of the International Culture Institute, Han Mei.

Executive Deputy Dean of the International Culture Institute, Wang Lihua, Director of the Management Office of the Confucius Institute, Lu Qiaomei, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office.

Administration of the International Culture Institute He Lichun, Vice Dean, Shu Ning, Vice Dean of International Student Management of the School of International Culture, teacher representatives, all teachers of the International Student Management Office, and Admissions Office.

Representatives of alumni and representatives of international students on campus participated in the activity. The event was presided over by Li Bingzhen, deputy dean of teaching and research of the International Culture College.

Wei Jingjing expressed gratitude to the alumni who have devoted themselves to the alma mater and made a selfless dedication to the construction of the alma mater for many years.

Briefly introduced the new development and new achievements of the alma mater in terms of campus construction, talent training, and discipline construction; expressing that the school will do its best to Run the alumni association well and create a high-quality communication platform for all alumni.

Han Mei introduced the development status of the International Cultural Institute to the alumni, saying that the academy will always be strong backing for the alumni, and will help the alumni.

Wang Lihua reviewed the experience of running the Flinders Master of Education Program in Australia and called on alumni to actively contribute to the development of the college's cooperative education program and create a better future with the college.

Eleven outstanding international alumni representatives spoke online, expressing their gratitude to their alma mater, college, and teachers, and offered valuable suggestions and earnest expectations to the students.

All alumni practice the school motto of "learning as a teacher, seeking truth and innovation" from the alma mater with an aggressive life attitude and practical actions. Three alumni of the Flinders Master of Education Program expressed their best wishes to their alma mater in the video.

Ma Siyu said that the college will continue to promote the training of local Chinese teachers and create a sense of belonging for every alumni on the way to growth. Kang Yang introduced the basic current situation and future development of the college’s enrollment.

Thanked the alumni for their positive role in the college’s enrollment publicity, and hoped that all alumni would actively advise on the college's enrollment work.

Jiang Guoquan expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the school's alumni work office for their strong support, the hard work of the teachers, and the alumni for their help, and hoped that the alumni would contribute to the development of the college and the school.



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