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International Student Internship praised

A few days ago, Learning Disabilities Worldwide (Learning Disabilities Worldwide) sent a letter praising our school's Yandu College 2018 students Wu Haoyi and Xu Danyang for their excellent internships.

The two students started a 2-3 months remote internship at the Global Learning Disability Research Organization in February this year. The main task of the internship was to translate a series of books for the organization.

The Global Learning Disability Research Organization stated that it will mark the special contributions of the two students in Chinese translation in related books.

An internship in an international organization is not only a practice but also a life experience, a lifetime treasure. Through the practice of book translation, Wu Haoyi saw that children who seem to be in urgent need of help are actually more resilient than many people.

Even if their bodies are full of helplessness or depression, they can face difficulties calmly and positively. If you speak your own voice, you can even become a guide for others, letting them feel warm and loving. During the two-month internship, Xu Danyang faced different challenges almost every day.

But in the face of difficulties, everyone would unite closely and move forward to maximize the progress of translation and work hard to achieve the common goal. This internship allowed her to learn to think and practice the important mission of the future well-being of all mankind from a higher perspective.

Since our school was successfully approved as the "High-level International Talent Training and Innovative Practice Base" in August 2020, through cooperation with the International Education Group (GCA), 29 students have participated in internships in international organizations.

This international organization’s letter of recognition to students not only demonstrates the excellent professional quality and international quality of our students but also reflects the remarkable results of the school’s international talent training.

Founded in 1965, the Global Learning Disability Research Organization is committed to improving the education of people with learning disabilities and other related disabilities.

Its members include world-renowned experts and scholars, pre-service teachers, general education teachers, special education teachers, team coaches, clinicians, Consultants, administrative staff, medical and mental health professionals, people with learning disabilities, and their parents and family members.






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