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Summary of the functions of the Student Office

1. Formulate the overall plan and work plan of the ideological and political education of college students according to the school's work ideas;

2. Actively carry out effective ideological education among college students, keep abreast of student ideological trends, strengthen research, and continuously improve the pertinence and effectiveness of ideological education;

3. Actively carry out quality education, emphasize the scientific spirit, cultivate a good style of study, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of students;

4. Effectively prevent and properly handle various emergencies in a timely manner to ensure the stability of the school;

5. Strengthen student management, and be responsible for student management such as rewards and punishments and loan subsidies;

6. Responsible for national defense education, and do a good job in the military training, conscription, and orienteering of the armed forces;

7. Planning and organizing the work of psychological quality education, employment guidance and career development of college students;

8. Planning and organizing the construction of a full-time student work team;

9. Undertake the standing work of the University Student Ideological and Political Education Teaching and Research Center;

10. Responsible for the training of the Beijing University Counselor Base.

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