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International student legal education conference


In order to actively publicize national laws and regulations and raise the awareness of law-abiding by international students in China, on the morning of March 11, the International College held an international student legal education conference in the Minzhu Lake Lecture Hall, District A. Police officers Xu Chunlan and Chen Dingsheng of the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Chongqing Public Security Bureau gave lectures on legal education to all students studying in Chongqing. Chen Ying, deputy dean of the International College, and related staff attended the presentation together.


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Chen Ying first delivered a speech on behalf of the college. She encourages students to actively participate in extracurricular activities, perceive Chinese culture, and strengthen physical exercise while studying seriously; she urges everyone to understand and abide by Chinese laws and regulations and the school's various management regulations, and contact the teacher in time when encountering difficulties; I wish you all academic success, good health, and happy life during your study in Chongqing.


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Subsequently, Police Officer Chen Dingsheng interpreted the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Entry and Exit of Mirrors" and the "Regulations on the Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners of the People's Republic of China", introduced the relevant visa regulations in detail, and reminded students to avoid "illegal residence" and "illegal employment". "And other illegal issues.


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Police Officer Xu Chunlan introduced relevant national policies and regulations based on internships, innovation and entrepreneurship and other topics of concern to international students, and hoped that international students will continue to abide by the national and school epidemic prevention and control regulations, improve safety awareness, and put an end to drunk driving, drug abuse and other illegal activities.


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Based on actual case analysis, the teacher of the International Student Management Office once again emphasized the serious consequences of illegal activities, and warned students that they must strengthen the legal system and safety awareness, and abide by the law.


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During the period, the international students interacted actively and the atmosphere was very warm. Nadya from Russia told the teacher: "This activity is very practical. I usually don't know enough knowledge. After listening to the detailed explanations of the police officers, I have a better understanding of China's foreign-related laws and regulations, and I have learned a lot."


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