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1. What kind of university is Chongqing University?

Located in Chongqing, western China, Chongqing University is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education. It is a high-level research-oriented comprehensive university under the key construction of the national "211 Project" and "985 Project", and a member of the "Excellence University Alliance".


2. When was Chongqing University established?

Chongqing University was founded in 1929.


3. How many colleges are there at Chongqing University?

There are currently 6 departments including the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Information, and the Faculty of Architecture, with a total of 35 colleges.


4. How many majors does Chongqing University have?

The school currently has 96 undergraduate majors, 236 master's degree programs, 121 doctoral programs, 19 professional degrees, and 29 post-doctoral mobile stations.

Chongqing University ranks among the top in the country in terms of architecture, engineering, science and engineering, economics and other disciplines. There are 22 national key disciplines, 14 national "211 Project" key construction disciplines, 37 provincial and ministerial first-level key disciplines, and 1 project construction. There are 11 national key research bases, 8 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, and more than 180 other provincial and ministerial research bases.


5. How many students are there at Chongqing University?

Chongqing University currently has more than 50,000 full-time students, including more than 27,000 undergraduates, more than 21,000 master and doctoral students, and more than 1,600 international students from 129 countries.


6. How many faculty and staff are there in Chongqing University?

There are more than 5,300 faculty members, including 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 10 members of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 4 "973" chief scientists, 5 national-level young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, and 1,900 professional and technical positions above the deputy senior level. There are more than 600 doctoral supervisors.


7. How big is Chongqing University?

The campus of Chongqing University covers an area of ​​nearly 5,450 acres (nearly 3,633,297 square meters), with a school building area of ​​more than 1.5 million square meters, and has four campuses: A, B, C, and Huxi.


8. How to reach Chongqing University?

(1) Taxi

Chongqing International Airport is about 30 kilometers away from Area A of Chongqing University. It costs about RMB 80 from the airport to Area A of the school. You take a taxi to enter the gate of Chongqing University Area A until you arrive at Xuelin Hotel or Songlinpo International Apartment. It takes about 50 minutes from the airport to District A of Chongqing University, depending on the traffic conditions of the day.

→School bus information: There is a school bus running from District A to District D (Huxi Campus). The journey takes about 40 minutes. Please visit the website ( for the school bus timetable.

(2) Subway

Airport→Chongqing University Area A: After arriving at Chongqing International Airport, you can take light rail line 3 from T2B terminal to Lianglukou Station, then transfer to Metro Line 1, reach Shapingba Station after 8 stops, and arrive at Shapingba Business District (Metro The cost is 7 yuan), and then walk in the direction of Shazheng Street for about 20 minutes to reach the gate of District A of Chongqing University. You can also take a taxi directly from the Shapingba business district to Xuelin Hotel or Songlinpo International Student Apartment.

Airport→Chongqing University District D (Huxi Campus): International students who arrange accommodation in District D (Huxi Campus) (see Chapter 5 Life for details) can take Line 1 to the terminal station (University Town Station), and then take the bus Taxi (costs about 10 yuan) to the school's Orchid Garden 6 buildings.

Note: The operation time of Light Rail Line 3 from T2B terminal is 7:30-22:30; the operation time of Metro Line 1 is 6:30-22:30, please arrange the time reasonably.


9. Does Chongqing University provide an airport pick-up service?

The International Student Management Office will arrange for international student volunteers to pick up the airport at the "Domestic Arrival" and "International Arrival" exits of Chongqing Airport to assist new students to arrive at Chongqing University smoothly (at their own expense). Please be sure to fill in the arrival time, flight number and other information as required on the "pick-up appointment" section of the International Student Application Website ( of Chongqing University one week in advance, or send the flight-related information to The mailbox of the International Student Management Office is At that time, international student volunteers will hold a pick-up sign with the words "CHONGQING UNIVERSITY" at the exit. Please pay attention and find the international student volunteers to help you reach the school.


10. How about the traffic in Chongqing?


You can reach almost anywhere in the city by bus. There are multiple buses around the school, such as 462, 261, 802, 803, 806, 202, 181, 133, etc. You can check the specific route taken by each bus on the Chongqing Public Transport website (


A standard passenger taxi is 10 yuan for the first 3 kilometers, and 2 yuan per kilometer thereafter. You can pay according to the price displayed on the meter. When getting off the bus, you can ask the driver to print the fare invoice. If you have any questions, you can contact the taxi or the company where it is. If you have any questions about the payment, you can call the taxi supervision number: 96096.


At present, Chongqing has completed and opened 4 rail transit lines, basically covering the main city metropolitan area. The specific route map can be found at


11. What tourist attractions are there in Chongqing?

Chongqing's tourism resources are unique.

The main attractions in and around the city: the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, Dazu Rock Carvings, Porcelain Mouth, Zhazi Cave, White Residence, Jindao Gorge, Wulong Fairy Mountain, Furong Cave, Tiansheng Third Bridge, etc.

Chongqing Sichuan cuisine is delicious, and Chongqing hot pot is famous all over the country.


12. Which campus do international students generally live in at Chongqing University?

Chongqing University has four campuses of ABCD. Different colleges are located on different campuses. The school arranges accommodation for international students according to the campuses. Under normal circumstances, all undergraduate students live in Zone D (except for undergraduates from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning and Meishi Film School). The detailed information is as follows:

Lanyuan No.6 Building on Huxi Campus: All undergraduate international students (excluding undergraduates from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning and Meishi Film School), the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Journalism, the School of Software Engineering, the School of Mathematical Statistics, and the School of Physics.

Songlinpo International Apartment and Xuelin International Student Dormitory in Zone A: The remaining international students except for above are arranged to live in Zone A.

Note: The acceptance college has been indicated on the admission notice, please confirm the campus where your dormitory is located based on this.


13. What documents do I need to bring to Chongqing University?

It is recommended to keep 2 copies of important documents. At the same time, students are also advised to translate relevant documents, such as medical prescriptions, into Chinese before going abroad.

The following is a list of documents that students need to bring, please remember to bring them when you come to school:

□A valid passport and visa

□ Admission Notice (Original)

□Visa application form for foreigners studying in China (JW201/JW202 form) (original))

□ 2-inch photos on white background (5 photos)

□Physical examination and blood test results or report (English original) (please provide if any)

□Passports, visas, marriage certificates and birth certificates of family members (please bring them if necessary)

The following are recommended personal documents (please bring if necessary):

□Medical prescription


□Personal bank statement

□Recommendation Letter


14. What luggage should I bring to Chongqing University?

We recommend that you only need to bring your most important belongings and pack lightly. Students can buy daily necessities or small furniture in Chongqing's shopping malls and supermarkets.

If it is convenient, you can bring a set of bath towels and bedsheets from home, which may be useful on the day you first settled in Chongqing. In addition, if you have one, you can bring a set of your national costumes. Various events are held every year. These costumes containing your national culture will come in handy at important events or occasions. We strongly recommend bringing posters, photos or hometown souvenirs. These souvenirs can make students feel the customs of their hometown even if they are far away in Chongqing, and minimize the impact of foreign culture and the discomfort of being in a foreign country.


15. How much does it cost to study abroad at Chongqing University?

Tuition: 14000-20000 yuan/year for undergraduate projects

Master's program 21,000-35,000 yuan/year (MIB program is 49,000 yuan/year)

PhD program 25,000-28,000 yuan/year (see Annex 1 for details)

Accommodation fee: single room 4500-5000 yuan/semester, double room 2500-2750 yuan/semester (see Annex 1 for details)

Medical examination fee: about 400 yuan (subject to the fee standard of the medical examination center)

Visa/residence permit fee: about 400 yuan/year (subject to Chongqing entry and exit fees)

In addition, living in Chongqing, the monthly expenses also include:

Food expenses are about 1,000 yuan/month (varies from person to person),

Transportation expenses are about 50 yuan/month (varies from person to person),

Mobile phone expenses are about 50 yuan/month,

Internet access fee is about 50 yuan/month.

Please prepare enough fees according to your actual situation and bring some cash to facilitate the purchase of necessary supplies or payment of related expenses at any time.


16. Do I need to book a dormitory in advance for studying at Chongqing University?

Due to the limited number of houses on campus, in principle, except for doctoral students in one room, other types of students are in two rooms. It is recommended that self-funded international students book early. Students can log in to the "Chongqing University International Student Service Platform" (, complete online reservations through the "Accommodation Reservation" module, or fill in the "On-campus Accommodation Application Form" to apply for on-campus accommodation, and Send it to one month before the registration date. The International Student Management Office will reply to confirm the accommodation application via email as soon as possible.


17. Do I need to pay a deposit for the accommodation at Chongqing University?

According to the dormitory management regulations, self-financed international students need to pay a 500 yuan accommodation deposit to the dormitory administrator when they check-in. After studying and check out, if the room facilities are intact, the dormitory administrator will return the accommodation deposit to the international student.


18. When will the accommodation fee be paid for studying at Chongqing University?

On the day of registration, international students are required to pay the accommodation fee.


19. When I study at Chongqing University, can I live off-campus?

If you fail to apply for on-campus accommodation in time, you can rent a room off-campus after you arrive, but you need to complete off-campus accommodation registration procedures. Chongqing implements accommodation registration management for foreign students living off-campus. International students living off-campus should go to the police station under the jurisdiction of their place of residence to register for temporary accommodation 24 hours after check-in.


20. What are the procedures for on-campus accommodation at Chongqing University?

The international student dormitory of Chongqing University is generally open to new international students 3 to 5 days before the start of the semester. After arriving at the school, international students should go directly to the dormitory and check in with their valid passports. Then go to the International Student Management Office of Chongqing University International College (Address: Room 322, Main Teaching Building, Area A, Chongqing University) to register for registration. The school cannot provide on-campus accommodation for the family members of international students (parents, spouses, children). If you bring family members into the country, please be sure to live in a rented house off-campus.


21. How to apply for off-campus accommodation at Chongqing University?

Step 1: The student signs a house lease contract with the house lessor.

Step 2: Students go to the International Student Management Office to receive and fill in the "Chongqing University Foreign Student Off-campus Accommodation Commitment" and the "Chongqing University Foreign Student Off-campus Accommodation Registration Form". After signing and stamping, the International Student Management Office will send the attachments to the international student.

The third step: the student takes the original and photocopy of the passport, a passport size photo, the rental contract, and the copy of the "Registration Form for Off-campus Accommodation for Foreign Students of Chongqing University" to the local police station to register for temporary accommodation, and receive the "temporary accommodation for foreigners" Registration Form.

Step 4: Submit a copy of the housing lease contract, "Registration Form of Off-campus Accommodation for Foreign Students of Chongqing University", "Promise of Off-campus Accommodation for Foreign Students of Chongqing University", copy of the registration form of temporary accommodation, copies of passport and visa pages And a copy of the landlord’s ID card.

Note: Please keep the "Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Foreigners" properly, which is required for a residence permit. During the school period, if the off-campus accommodation address changes, report to the International Student Management Office as soon as possible, and re-register for off-campus accommodation within 10 days. The procedure is as above.


22. What banks are there near Chongqing University?

-Chongqing Bank

Opposite the gate of District A of Chongqing University

- Agricultural Bank of China

A two-minute walk to the north from the gate of District A of Chongqing University

- China Construction Bank

Opposite the Agricultural Bank of China


23. What is the Chongqing University's registration process for freshmen?

Step 1: wait for the number to be received; take pictures on the spot and collect electronic photos (the cost is handed over to the photo studio)

Handling point: Classroom 320

Step 2: Enter basic information; print out the registration form, temporary accommodation registration form, and visa application form; receive the freshman admission package

Handling point: 320 classroom 

Step 3: Copy, scan and archive materials

Handling point: 320 classroom 

Step 4: Receive the payment form (self-financed students), submit the visa and bank card materials (self-financed students go to the charging hall on the first floor of the bishop to pay the fee and bring the invoice back to workbench No. ④ to receive the freshman enrollment package

Handling point: classroom 322

Step 5: Submit the "reading statement", admission notice (signature), JW201/202 form; sign on the registration form

Handling point: classroom 322 

Step 6: Chinese language students and Chinese language undergraduates shall register and divide into classes at the International College

Handling point: 320 classroom 

Step 7: Scholarship students receive September living expenses

Handling point: Bishop's first-floor fee lobby


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