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Housing & Other Facilities



International Students may live on campus at the Songlinpo International Student Apartment or Xuelin International Student Apartment in campus A or No. 6 Orchid Building International Students Dormitory in campus D. Students who live on campus must abide by the rules and regulations of their residence.

Students may also choose to live off-campus after informing the International Students Office and finishing the required procedures. If you are living off-campus, make sure that your rental contract with your landlord is legitimate and reliable, and remember to register yourselves at the police station of your residential area and obtain an Accommodation Certificate from the local police station.

Students who change address and contact information during your studies at Chongqing University must inform the International Students Office. It is important for the International Students Office to be able to contact its students because it often sends out important notifications to you and can offer help in times when you are in need.


On-campus Facilities

Students may dine at canteens on campus, paying by cash or the campus card. There are also restaurants on campus or around the campus, which are usually a little more expensive than the canteens. Convenience stores can be found on campus where students may purchase their daily necessities as well as groceries.

Other facilities that are available at CQU include hospitals, post offices, banks, bookstores, a laundromat and a photo development shop.



Songlinpo International House

Room Type

One semester

One year

Single Room

4500 RMB/semester

8500 RMB/year

Double Room

2500 RMB/semester

4750 RMB/year


Xuelin Hotel

Room type

Pay by semester

Pay by year

Single room

5000RMB per person

10000 RMB per person

Double room

2500 RMB per person

5000 RMB per person


6600 RMB per person

13200 RMB per person



Lanyuan No.6 International students Dormitory

Mode Room Type

Payment for a semester

Payment for a year

Single Room

4500 RMB/ person/semester


Double Room




Chongqing University Hospital


Chongqing University Fitness Center


CQU Canteen Food


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