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Huxi Campus Canteen


Canteen 2

B1 Canteen:

This is a subcontracted canteen decorated like a cosy restaurant.

Price: a bit higher than others

Tips: Bibimbap and Yunnan rice noodles are recommended.


1F Canteen:

This is a typical campus canteen where set meals are available.

Price: fair

Tips: hotpot, noodles, egg cake (breakfast only), homemade yogurt, tenderloin cake, and fried chicken leg are all nice!


2F Canteen:

This is a canteen where set meals are available. The decoration is not so bourgeois, but the canteen provides various foods, including a nutritious and delicious crock soup.

Price: relatively expensive

Tips: Fujian wonton and crock soup are recommended. Demacia beverage bar is on the landing.


3F Canteen:

This is a typical campus canteen where noodles and fried rice set meals are alvailable.

Price: fair price.




Campus A Canteen Cuisine Essence Collection

Student Canteen 1

Popular dishes: fried dishes, sticky rice dumplings, soya-bean milk (1F), rice with meat and vegetables on top, hotpot, marmite rice noodles and cold rice noodle (2F)

Highlight: it is also named as the Rotary Canteen and is big and well designed. 1F and 2F of canteen 1 are ordinary student canteens, and 3F is the Halal canteen.


Student Canteen 3

Popular dishes: jars of rice noodles, cold dishes and fried ham sausage and egg.

Highlight: filling meals, various dishes, lots of choices for breakfast, and they are very fresh.


Student Canteen 5 (Specialty Restaurant)

Popular dishes: northern style pancake, hotpot and steamed rice in a clay pot

Highlight: nice flavor, well located, with air conditioning in summer; it attracts many outsiders to dine, and is very popular.



Popular dishes: rice set meals, jars of simmering soup, noodles and shaved noodles

Highlight: nice rice, various noodles and desserts, such as purple sweet potato bread, steamed corn bread, and Shaomai (steamed dumplings). All are super delicious!


Donglin Restaurant

Popular dishes: noodles and chicken leg set meal

Highlight: fried dishes and noodles are pretty nice. It is located close to teaching spaces.


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