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International students make rice dumplings


The annual Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. In order to enable international students to have a deep understanding of Chinese traditional culture, experience the festival customs, and at the same time enhance exchanges and communication with Chinese students, on the morning of June 11, the International College organized international students in Area A canteen to participate in the school's Dragon Boat Festival making dumplings experience activities.


experience the festival customs-1


When I came to the cafeteria, I saw the glutinous rice, rice dumplings and other raw materials that the staff had already prepared. The students couldn't wait and were eager to try them. But after starting to do it, everyone discovered that it is not easy to pack the scattered glutinous rice into a few small leaves. With the help of the instructor, everyone rolled zongzi leaves, filled stuffing, and tied ropes, and gradually mastered some methods and techniques for wrapping zongzi. The students actively participated and helped each other learn from each other. With bursts of joy and laughter, one by one lovely zongzi finally took shape. Although everyone's level is uneven, everyone is very happy looking at the zongzi that they have wrapped themselves. Yemeni student Atik said, "Although there is no zongzi in my hometown, there are similar foods. I usually like to cook, so I am very happy to participate in such activities and learn about Chinese traditional festivals and traditional food.”


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During the event, Wang Shilong, vice president of Chongqing University, also came to the scene and had a cordial exchange and interaction with the international students.


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