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Safety education and exchange meeting


On the morning of June 21, the 2021 international student safety education and exchange meeting of the International College was held in Room A, Bishop 320, and all domestic graduating students attended the meeting.


Safety education and exchange meeting-1


The staff of the International College International Student Management Office first congratulated all the students on their successful graduation and introduced in detail the visa, insurance, accommodation, graduation and departure procedures of the graduates concerned. I hope that we can abide by Chinese laws and regulations and continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention. Then, the teachers of the left over gave patient answers and explanations to the specific questions and difficulties raised by the students.


Safety education and exchange meeting-2


Despite the hot weather in Chongqing during the summer solstice, the students actively participated in this safety education seminar. The students said that through this exchange meeting, many problems that plagued them have been solved, and their plans after graduation have been more clarified, and the expected results have been achieved. 


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