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Student Organizations and Extracurricular Activities


Student Organizations Directly under Chongqing University

There are more than 200 student organizations directly under Chongqing University, related to science and technology, Chinese culture, sports and other fields. These organizations recruit new members in every September or October. International students are encouraged to be active in your university life by getting involved with these various organizations/societies that you are interested in with the help of International Students Office.


Student Activities

The International Students Office organizes various cultural and sporting activities for international students under the direction of SIE. Among these activities, some are held regularly:

  1. International Cultural Festival (biennial)
  2. CQU Postgraduate Football/Basketball League
  3. Spring Sports Meeting
  4. International Students' Cultural Trips and Tours
  5. Chinese Proficiency Contest
  6. Welcome Party/Graduation Party for International Students


The SIE also encourages international students to take part in all kinds of activities held by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Chongqing Municipal Government and other colleges and universities in China (e.g. Experience China, the Photography Competition for Foreigners in Chongqing, the Recitation Contest hosted by South China University of Technology). International students' host colleges also organize extracurricular activities. International Students may learn about ongoing and upcoming activities by observing the notices displayed on the notice boards or sent to your email box.


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