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International College launches visits activities


The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to provide normalized management services and humanistic care for international students in Chongqing during the winter vacation, to ensure that international students spend a peaceful and safe Spring Festival in Chongqing. Recently, Chen Ying, Vice Dean of the International College, and the staff of the International Student Management Office International students in Chongqing visited the activities and sent everyone New Year blessings and Spring Festival.


On February 3, Chen Ying and the international student management staff divided into three groups to go to the community where the off-campus accommodation is relatively concentrated, visit and sympathize with the off-campus international students, have cordial communication with the students, understand the students' life and learning, and urge everyone to pay attention to safety and take care of them. , Maintain good living habits and spend an auspicious winter vacation.


group activities


On February 4th, Chen Ying and the staff of the retention management office went to the school's area A and the international student dormitories on the Huxi campus to conduct safety inspections and sent warm blessings to the international students on campus.


group photo-1


group photo-2


International students are very grateful to the school and college for their care and expressed that they feel the warmth of their families. International students living off-campus enthusiastically offered hot tea, fruits or desserts to the teachers who visited. Abu, a Yemeni student, wrote in his circle of friends that there is an ancient Chinese poem "Being a stranger alone in a foreign land, and thinking about family every holiday season." However, the care of the school and teachers makes us very warm and reduces our loneliness in a foreign land. The students' thoughts of their hometown and relatives.


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