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Chinese and Foreign Student Fun Games



On the morning of October 11, the "Chinese and Foreign Student Fun Games for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the University" was grandly held in the Fenghua Sports Ground of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Twelve teams composed of students from the school’s Sino-foreign cooperative education program and foreign students in China participated in the competition.


A total of four competition events were set up in these fun games. The setting of the competition items integrates knowledge, fun, entertainment, collaboration and competition. It is not only a contest of strength but also a contest of wisdom; it is not only a demonstration of personal sports competition level but also a test of teamwork ability.


The members of each representative team participated in the competition with full enthusiasm and a spirit of hard work. In the "Dry Land Dragon Boat" competition, the teams kept advancing at a unified pace. In the "rolling wheels" game, the team members cooperated tacitly to roll the big wheels to the finish line. In the "Energy Ball Transmission" competition, the team members carried forward the spirit of cooperation and passed the ball to the finish line at the fastest speed. The final "Campus Relay" project integrates the elements of school celebration knowledge and understanding of the campus environment. In the unique place of the Chongyou campus, there are left behind the team members who are vying to answer the school history and school situation knowledge and race to run. In all competitions, everyone was full of laughter and enjoyed the fun of fun sports.


After fierce competition among the various representative teams, the first, second and third prizes were selected in these fun games. The successful holding of this sports meeting fully reflects the spirit of unity and cooperation of the students. It presented a small gift for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the school, which enriched the campus life of Chinese and foreign students, enhanced the exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, and demonstrated the goodness of our school’s Chinese and foreign students. Mental outlook.












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