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The International College Union's March 8th Women's Celebration



On the occasion of the "March 8" International Women's Day, in order to create a healthy, harmonious, and positive holiday atmosphere, further enhance the dedicated and dedicated work enthusiasm of female employees, gather positive energy for the development of the college, and organize the development of the International College Trade Union A celebration with the theme of "Campus peach and plum spring breeze, beautiful international women".


The college attached great importance to this event and organized it meticulously. It was divided into two parts. The first part was on the morning of March 8th. The college leaders came to the gate of the Wujiao to send holiday blessings to the female faculty and staff of the college. When the female teachers entered the gate of the Five Education, the male teachers shouted "Beautiful Teacher, Happy Holidays" neatly and loudly, and the college leaders smiled and gave the female teachers exquisite gifts and flower bouquets. The second part is to organize female teachers to carry out mountain climbing activities. Under the leadership of Secretary Yan Changqing of the college, the teachers actively participated. Mountain climbing activities not only promote physical and mental health, but also stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for work and enhance the friendship between teachers. The female teachers were immersed in a happy and joyful holiday atmosphere.


The female teachers of the International College and the International Division expressed that they are very grateful for the school's meticulously planned holiday arrangements for them. They will forge ahead, pioneer and innovate, do their job well, and make greater contributions to education!




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