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Dr. Yongjun Xu published a paper in the International Journal of Communication



On February 17, 2021, IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorial, the top publication of the IEEE Communications Society, presented an academic review article "Survey on the Resource Allocation of 5G Heterogeneous Networks: Current Research, Future Trends and Challenges". This article is a summary of the future 5G heterogeneous network resource allocation, which was jointly completed by Dr. Xu Yongjun from the School of Communication and Information Engineering of China Academy of Communications Technology and related foreign institutions. Dr. Yongjun Xu is the first author and corresponding author of the paper, and CQUPT is the only first institution for the result.


The Chinese name of IEEE Communications Surveys&Tutorials is "IEEE Communications Overview and Special Report". It is the most influential top international review magazine in the communications field. With 125 annual articles and an impact factor of 23.7, it ranks first among communication journals and is also the top journal in the first district of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The papers published in this journal represent the academic frontier and future development direction. The journal ranks first among all 122 SCI journals under IEEE.


This paper discusses the research status, technical characteristics and future development directions of heterogeneous wireless network resource allocation at home and abroad, analyzes the future air-space-sea integration deep heterogeneous communication network architecture, and proposes a dynamic resource scheduling scheme based on learning and dynamics. Control, provide reliable research ideas for the future processing of massive data access and complex heterogeneous communication scenarios. Discussed the application prospects and development trends of 5G / B5G heterogeneous network resource allocation, which is of great significance for domestic and foreign researchers to understand the characteristics, network structure and future development trends of heterogeneous converged networks, and strengthens our influence. The wireless communication technology team is in this field.


Dr. Xu Yongjun, associate professor, is mainly engaged in the basic research of 5G/B5G wireless communication, including the theory and technology research of heterogeneous wireless networks, heterogeneous Noma networks, cognitive radio networks, robot control, and the application of deep learning in communications. As the first author, he has published more than 60 academic papers, applied for 16 national invention patents (1 US patent), authorized 6 patents, and presided over 14 national, provincial and ministerial projects, such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China Science fund.


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