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Cooperation and Exchange Between CQUPT and Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd.


CQUPT News (provided by Industry-University-Research Cooperation Office and edited by Ao Yongchun) On March 17th, Wang Lan, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd., and his party came to our university to carry out industry-university-research cooperation and exchange and held the signing ceremony of “Gongjin Scholarship” donation agreement. Lv Yi, vice president of CQUPT, and leaders from its Industry-University-Research Cooperation Office, Foundation, Recruitment Office, Science and Technology Office, Students’ Working Office, School of photoelectric, School of Communication, etc. attended the ceremony.


Lv Yi welcomed visitors from Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd. on behalf of our university, and he expressed his gratitude to the company for its recognition of the school-running philosophy, for implementing the charity of “giving back to the society” in CQUPT, and for setting up "Gongjin Scholarship” to encourage outstanding students to work hard. Lv Yi introduced the school-running history, personnel training, teaching staff, discipline construction and program construction of our university, and said that the school would give full play to its advantages in science and technology and talents, and provide strong intellectual and technical supports for the development and growth of the enterprise, that the university was seizing the opportunity to move forward to the world-class discipline, and expected the enterprise and the university to actively explore and combine their respective advantages in the national topics and awards application, university-enterprise project cooperation, subject competition, internship and training and so on, to enhance the level of cooperation, expand the field of cooperation, and improve the effectiveness of cooperation.


At the meeting, both parties also signed the “Gongjin Scholarship” donation agreement.


Wang Lan introduced the development history, business field and future development direction and goal of Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd. He said that there were three main purposes for the company to carry out university-enterprise cooperation: first, in terms of talents, the enterprise was growing, and the demand for talents was more and more urgent, in order that to fully affirm the quality of the university, the company would be willing to absorb excellent graduates from CQUPT as an important force of the enterprise to further implement the internship and training work; second, in terms of projects, the two parties could combine the university’s R&D advantages and the enterprise’s industrial advantages; third, in terms of technology, it was expected that the two sides would carry out cooperation in the field of market-oriented application of technology patents, so as to promote the benefits of achievement transformation.


At the meeting, both parties also signed the “Gongjin Scholarship” donation agreement.


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