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Forum held successfully

On the morning of January 20th, the International Student Symposium on Railway Campus was successfully held in Conference Room 518, Transportation Building, Railway Campus. Huang Hai, Dean of the School of International Education, Yi Liang, Associate Dean of the School of Civil Engineering, counselors, and 19 international students attended the meeting. forum.

First of all, the counselor Duan Junhao emphasized the requirements and precautions during the winter vacation to international students, telling international students to always pay attention to personal safety and abide by school regulations during the epidemic prevention and control period, and to answer common questions encountered by students.

Subsequently, Dean Huang Helai exchanged views with the students on the development of the college and the planning of international education.

During the questioning session, international students spoke enthusiastically, and their suggestions included increasing graduate internship opportunities, providing more platforms for learning the Chinese language, understanding Chinese culture, and meeting Chinese friends. The leading teachers attending the meeting carefully listened to the suggestions of the students and answered them patiently, and the on-site exchanges were harmonious. Finally, Dean Huang Helai also hopes that students will cherish the opportunity to study at Central South University and be able to learn something.

This international student symposium built an effective platform for international students to provide suggestions and suggestions, and also allowed students to better understand the original intention of various epidemic prevention policies, and strengthened the sense of participation and belonging of international students. At the same time, through this symposium, the leading teachers of the International Education College can directly understand the needs of students, and will further do a good job in the management and service of studying in China in the future.




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