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Won the title of "excellent Chinese international student"

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the election results of the 2020 Chinese Government Scholarship "Outstanding International Students in China". A total of 5 students from our school have won this honor. Among them, 4 are oriented and 1 is open. The number is a record high. The award is announced. Congratulations to the following students! I hope that the students will make persistent efforts and achieve greater results in their future studies.

  Chinese name Passport name Country of Citizenship profession Student category Remarks
1 Malina VASILYAVA, MARINA The Russian Federation Cultural Communication and Cultural Industry Ph.D. student Open quota
2 Weight PERVEZ, AMJAD Pakistan Transport Engineering Ph.D. student Targeted quota
3 Dubai HUSSAIN, ZUBAIR Pakistan Clinical laboratory diagnostics Postgraduate Targeted quota
4 Wen Zai Chi HUN, MARADY Cambodia pediatrics Postgraduate Targeted quota
5 Emperor



Yemen Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation Postgraduate Targeted quota


The title of "Excellent International Students in China" of the Chinese Government Scholarship was established by the Ministry of Education and recommended by various universities. After the Ministry of Education organizes experts to review the academic status, scientific research ability, and performance of the recommender, the list of winners is finally determined. The award has a large number of applicants and strict evaluation requirements. It is one of the most important awards granted by the Chinese government to international students in China.



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