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Establishing a practice base for international students

On December 15, Central South University signed a contract with eight companies to establish an international student internship base to jointly create a new mode of connotative development of "industry-driven international education" and expand the path of innovation and entrepreneurship for international students.

Hunan Provincial Government Deputy Secretary-General Chen Xianchun, Central South University Vice President Chen Chunyang, and Hunan Provincial Party Committee Foreign Affairs Office Deputy Director Ye Jinsong attended the signing ceremony. The Foreign Affairs Office of the Provincial Party Committee, the General Office of the Provincial Government, the Department of Education, the Department of Science and Technology, the Changsha Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Yuelu District Political Consultative Conference, and other units, and more than 20 units such as China Construction Fifth Bureau, CRRC Times Electric, and Lushan International Trade People, as well as heads of relevant departments of Central South University and representatives of secondary colleges attended the signing ceremony.

Chen Chunyang said that the construction and development of the international student internship base is an important measure to promote the deep integration of international industry and international education, to build an international bridge for university-student-enterprise cooperation, and a new model for gathering high-quality resources from industries and universities to cultivate international students. Central South University will use this signing as an opportunity to continuously improve the level of international education, achieve complementary advantages and common development through school-enterprise cooperation, provide high-level localized talent support for Chinese enterprises to "go global" and serve the development of the "Belt and Road".

Central South University and Hunan Lushan International Trade Co., Ltd. signed the Central South University International Student Internship Cooperation Base Agreement; with China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd., Huaxi Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Nengchuang Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Hunan Haiping International Investment Group Co., Ltd., Hunan Construction Engineering Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Haiou Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., and Hunan Zhongmo Mining Co., Ltd. signed the International Student Internship Base Agreement for Central South University.

According to the agreement, Central South University will establish an international student database, and adopt the "order-based" model to train talents according to the development needs of the company, and send talents point-to-point; the company will work with Central South University to build a comprehensive service platform for international students’ entrepreneurship and employment, sharing entrepreneurial and employment information, Resources, provide internship positions and entrepreneurship and employment guidance.

At the meeting, Central South University awarded the signatories. Mr. Tang Yuan, Minister of CRRC Times Electric, spoke as a representative of the contracted enterprises, encouraging international students to study in Zhongnan, stay in CRRC, and understand China.

Ye Jinsong pointed out that standing in a new era and starting point for the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, international students in Hunan have gradually become a team that promotes enterprises to go out, walk-in, and go up, promote cultural exchanges, mutual learning, and promote people-to-people bonds. A civil force that cannot be ignored. The signing of the International Student Internship Base of Central South University will provide international students with a good opportunity to understand China, Hunan, and enterprises. It will also provide an opportunity to discover, select and cultivate international talents in enterprises. . It is hoped that international students in China, especially in Hunan, can make good use of this platform to experience China's development, display their talents, and let the world learn more about Hunan through international students so that Hunan can better go to the world.

After the signing ceremony, the participants went to the House International Youth Entrepreneurship Cooperation Center to visit the International Student Internship Cooperation Base of Central South University, and discussed the topic of "deepening international talent cooperation and exchange". Chen Xianchun attended the forum and delivered a speech. He pointed out that insisting on prioritizing the development of talents, deepening international talent exchanges and cooperation, vigorously training and introducing international talents with international perspectives, and promoting high-end industries with high-end talents are to improve the level of opening up of the Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone and promote an open economy. The actual need for high-quality development. He proposed to teach according to needs, cultivate international talents through school-enterprise cooperation, make good use of the resources of overseas returnees and overseas students, further deepen the cooperation and exchanges of international talents, and promote Hunan Province to accelerate the establishment of foreign affairs, foreign propaganda, foreign trade, foreign investment, and foreign economics. The new pattern of the open economy of "five external linkages".

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