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Beijing Vocational College of Economics and Trade is located in Beijing Liangxiang Higher Education Park. It is a private general higher vocational college approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It has the qualification to independently issue higher education diplomas. Now there is the Department of Accounting and Finance, the Department of Education and Management, the Department of Information and Design, the Basic Course Teaching Department of the Ideological and Political Course Teaching Department, and the Education Training Center. The agency has a party and government office, a party committee organization publicity office, and a party committee student work department (student office), School Youth League Committee, Personnel Office, Academic Affairs Office, Supervision Office, Admissions and Employment Office, Logistics Security Office, and Finance Office. A total of 10 higher vocational majors were opened. It recruits students from 17 provinces (municipalities) across the country, and there are currently nearly 3,000 students of various types. The school covers an area of 105,692 square meters, with a building area of 50,632 square meters.

In the 40 years since its establishment, the school has been guided by innovation, with high-quality service as its purpose, high-quality employment as its orientation, and upholding the educational philosophy of "everyone can become a talent", focusing on cultivating students' sense of social responsibility, innovation spirit, and practical ability. With the goal of running a school that satisfies the people, we have established the school-running philosophy of "teaching as the center, educating people as the foundation, and everything for the healthy growth of students to become talents", "administering the school according to law, establishing the school with quality, strengthening the school with talents, and characteristics The school development concept of “prospering the school” and the school’s core culture of “striving for self-reliance and cultivating morality and cultivating people” have formed the school-running characteristics of “extensively develop voluntary services and cultivate a spirit of dedication to society”. Our school vigorously promotes school-enterprise cooperation, innovates talent training models, deepens education and teaching reforms, continuously improves the quality of talent training, strives to cultivate high-quality technical skills talents that meet the needs of the capital's economic and social development, and strives to build the school into a moderate scale and scientific management, Well-known higher vocational colleges with good quality and distinctive characteristics.
(1) Long history of running a school
The predecessor of Beijing Vocational College of Economics and Trade was China Social University founded in 1982, and it was the first private university founded after my country's reform and opening up. In 2002, it was approved by the Beijing Municipal Government to become a higher vocational college undertaking academic education and was renamed Beijing Vocational College of Economics and Trade. Since the establishment of the school, the school has always adhered to the nature of completely non-profit education. In March 1996, the state allocated 28.2 million yuan to fund the establishment of the China Social University. In June 1999, the Beijing Municipal Government funded 1 million yuan for the establishment of the school. The school has outstanding achievements in running schools and high social credibility. It has been successively rated as "Beijing Private Higher Education Advanced School" and "Beijing Private Higher Education Excellent School" by Beijing Municipal Government and Beijing Municipal Education Commission.
(2) Obvious location advantages
The school is located in Liangxiang University Town, Beijing, in Fangshan Park, Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone, Beijing University Student Entrepreneurship Park (Liangxiang Park), adjacent to Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the new campus of Capital Normal University. Close to the subway station. The school's significant location advantages provide students with good environmental conditions for learning, training, incubating innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and job hunting.
(3) Excellent teaching staff
Our school adheres to the principle of equal emphasis on introduction and training, and in accordance with the policy of "optimizing the structure, stabilizing the backbone, and educating famous teachers", it pays attention to strengthening the construction of teacher ethics and improving the "double teacher quality", forming a team with high ideological and political quality and professional level. A team of teachers with a more reasonable structure. There are 153 full-time and part-time teachers, 52% of whom have senior professional and technical positions or masters or doctoral degrees. The part-time teachers are mainly senior outstanding teachers from various well-known universities in Beijing and "dual professional" talents with rich professional skills. In the past five years, the school has selected nearly 30 associate professors and introduced doctors, 16 teachers have been rated as national and Beijing outstanding teachers, Beijing outstanding young backbones, and outstanding educators, and 5 teams have been rated as Beijing’s professional innovation team and excellent teaching and research team.
(4) Excellent professional skills
The implementation of dual-certificate integration, through vocational skills training courses and simulation training rooms, comprehensive teaching laboratories, first-class internship training bases, and other facilities to create practical and strong professional skills in an all-round way; implement school-enterprise cooperation, work-study integration, and pass Practical teaching and enterprise internship training enables students to improve their knowledge structure, master vocational skills, and rich practical experience; implement an integrated training model of "teaching, learning, doing, and testing", so that "school, enterprise, and post" are closely connected, To realize the "zero adaptation period" for student employment.
(5) Broad access to further studies
Eligible students before graduation can participate in the unified examination for undergraduate promotion in Beijing colleges and universities, and those who pass the test can enter full-time undergraduate studies.
(6) High-quality employment and entrepreneurship
The school attaches great importance to the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates and actively expands employment channels. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with hundreds of enterprises and institutions such as Wal-Mart Group, Baidu, China Merchants Bank, China Life Insurance, Hainan Airlines, Daxing Airport, and Capital Airport. Provide high-quality jobs for students, and the employment rate of school graduates has remained above 90%. The school incorporates innovation and entrepreneurship education into the talent education and training system and invites well-known entrepreneurs and founders from outside the school to give entrepreneurship lectures and guide students in career planning. Since 2011, the school has held 7 consecutive college student entrepreneurship design competitions, and a large number of graduates have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship and realized their dreams in life.
Since the establishment of the school, there have been tens of thousands of graduates, and they have cultivated a large number of industry backbones and outstanding talents for capital and social and economic construction. They have been well received by employers and have achieved good social effects.
(7) Improved incentive policy system
Students can enjoy national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, and national bursaries during their stay at the school. The school also offers two college-level scholarships, the Yu Lu Lin Scholarship and the Self-improvement Scholarship. The school has a system of awards for students' innovation competition, excellent students, outstanding student leaders, etc., and has also established an entrepreneurial fund to subsidize students' entrepreneurship. In addition to applying for student loans for students in financial difficulties, students can also enjoy school hardship subsidies and participate in work-study assistance.
(8) The campus culture is rich and colorful
The school pays attention to the construction of student associations. Student associations such as Marxist Theory Club, Current Political Research Association, English Association, Hanfu Club, Painting, and Calligraphy Association, Street Dance Club, Drama Club, Photography Club, and Psychology Club actively carry out healthy, beneficial, and colorful extracurricular scientific and technological cultural activities. , Education is fun. In addition, our school has extensively carried out "promoting learning with competitions and promoting teaching with competitions". Economic and trade students participate in various competitions such as internal and external vocational skills competitions, humanistic quality competitions, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, cultural and artistic performances, and sports. Repeatedly achieved good results.
Over the years, voluntary service has become a school-running feature of our school, and the economic and trade voluntary service spirit of "unity and progress, dedication to society" has been formed. Our school volunteers participated in large-scale events such as the Beijing Olympics and the 60th anniversary of the National Day in the capital. Student volunteer service activities have been reported by major media and won awards. In 2016, the school volunteer service team was listed on the "Beijing Social Good People List".

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