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Take care of international students

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, 75 international students from 39 countries in our school chose to stay in China. The international student dormitory administrator of the Logistics Security Office stayed on the front line of prevention and control and provided international students with a full range of epidemic prevention and guidance services.




The apartment administrators go deep into the dormitories and care about the health and living conditions of international students, promptly convey the school’s epidemic prevention and control policies and prevention and control measures, strengthen environmental sanitation and disinfection, put up seals on 204 unoccupied dormitories and conduct daily inspections.








After the apartment is closed and controlled, the International Students Dormitory cooperates with the International Exchange and Cooperation Office to guide international students to purchase daily necessities online.

The apartment front desk will uniformly register the express delivery information, and assign a special person to the off-campus express station to collect the items outside the apartment and disinfect the materials outside the apartment.

The student signs and confirms Receive, do your best to help international students solve the needs of study and life.




In addition, in the case of a shortage of prevention and control materials, the Logistics Support Office has tried every means and measure to raise epidemic prevention materials, equipped with masks for the international students in school to ensure the safety and health of the students during their stay at the school.


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