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International students gather in "cloud defense"

"Congratulations to all the students through the defense, I wish you happy graduation! (Congratulations to all the students through the defense, I wish you happy graduation!)" On May 23, as the defense chairman announced the results of the defense, developing countries spread internationally The dissertation defense of international students in the graduating class of the Master's Program (IMIC) came to an end.

According to the actual situation that graduates were unable to return to school on time during the epidemic, the Communication Research Institute adopted an online model to conduct a transnational cloud defense for international students for the first time.




In accordance with the Ministry of Education’s notification requirements for the granting of graduate degrees in the first half of 2020, the Graduate School of our school has formulated the requirements and procedures for online video defense of graduate dissertations.

The relevant requirements of the Implementation Rules (Revision) shall carry out the graduate defense work. Affected by the epidemic, international students have not yet returned to school. With the help of online tools, they completed the pre-defense and defense of the dissertation in the cloud.

The International Student Teaching Office of the Graduate School of Communication plans in advance, opens the online "cloud defense" mode for international students' dissertations, formulates the defense process rules, trains defense assistants, and uses online conference apps and online voting tools to coordinate defenses to ensure international students' thesis defenses Standardization and unification of work processes.

27 international students from 17 countries on 4 continents participated in the "cloud defense". In addition to the 12 students who stayed at school, the other 15 students were in 9 of the United States, Canada, Austria, Ghana, Tanzania, Namibia, Mauritius, Pakistan, and Nepal.

The country participated in the cloud defense. Graduates of the International Communication Master's Program for Developing Countries (IMIC), the Sino-Canada Global Communication Double Master's Program (SFU), and the Doctor of Communication Program completed their online defenses in May.





Arranging the online defense of graduates is a test, and the online defense of international students needs to consider more details, and the difficulties to be overcome are more complicated.

The first problem faced is the arrangement of the defense time. It is necessary to consider the time zone and duration of the defense of the international students from four continents, and also take into account the time of the defense committee.

Finally, the defense time is unified at 8:30 in the morning Beijing time. The second is that the cloud defense highly restores the offline defense. The bilingual conference tool is selected for the defense, and the online voting tool is used to simulate the decision of the respondent to score and complete the defense process.




Two days before each defense, the defense assistant organizes the defense committee and the foreign students to debug the equipment, is familiar with the use of online tools, and according to the defense list, tests the audio and video equipment and shared screen functions of the foreign students one by one, and simulates the defense process to ensure the equipment Normal use.

During the defense process, it is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the graduate school defense rules. The defense committee guides the student's dissertation online, and the defense assistant records the entire defense process with audio and video.

After the defense, the defense assistant timely sorted out the defense materials, summed up the experience and lessons, optimized the details of the defense, and continuously improved the defense process.

The online pre-defense work in April also encountered some problems, such as cross-time zone real-time communication, online meeting tool adaptability issues, etc.

The respondent teachers and students summarized feedback in time, and the college adjusted in time during the formal defense to ensure the degree of international students. The thesis defense proceeded in an orderly manner.

The defense of the dissertation in the cloud by international students breaks through the limitations of time and space during the epidemic and makes full use of the advantages of "Internet +" while simulating offline defenses as much as possible.

Despite the many problems and tests, the teachers and students of the Institute of Communication With joint efforts, the international students' thesis defense proceeded smoothly. "Cloud Defense" is not only an exam but also a ceremony.

I wish the graduates can successfully complete the defenses in their future lives and open a new chapter in all walks of life around the world.


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