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Won the championship of speech contest

(Correspondent Sun Yuhong) On November 17, the 2020 "Oracle Cup" international student "I and Chinese" speech contest hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, hosted by People's Daily, and supported by the Henan Provincial People's Government ended successfully in Zhengzhou.

Our school won the Excellent Organizational Unit Award, and the student Yang Yiting, an international student with a master's degree in Chinese International Education, won the second prize (fourth place).




Leaders such as Hu Sishe, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Li Zhen, the first-level inspector of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Henan Provincial People's Government, attended the event.

Professor Moonman from the Minzu University of China, Richard Sears, the founder of the Chinese character source website "Uncle Chinese Characters", and Ran Di of Beijing People's Broadcasting Station were invited to serve as judges for the finals of the competition.




The theme of the "Oracle Cup" international students "I and Chinese Characters" is based on the Chinese national value of "Harmony", enabling the contestants to fully demonstrate their understanding of Chinese Chinese character culture and their ability to communicate across cultures.

Participants deepened exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations while experiencing China's "hehe" values, and understood the Chinese cultural genes of the initiative of a community with a shared future for mankind.




A total of two contestants from our school entered the top 30 in the fierce competition, namely Yang Yiting, a 2020 Master of Chinese Language Education from Malaysia, and Zhao Xinlan, a 2019 Undergraduate Chinese International Education major from Nigeria.

The theme of Yang Yiting's speech in the finals was "Water" in "World Harmony, Harmony, and Coexistence".

"Water is a hieroglyph. In the oracle bone inscriptions, the middle of the water is like a vein, with gurgling water on both sides.'The goodness is like water. Treating the world gently like water is the common enlightenment of water to us!"

Yang Yiting The confident performance and smooth expression infected the judges and the audience in the audience. Although Zhao Xinlan regretted not being able to win the top ten seats, she became the only foreign performer invited.

For the first time on the stage of the hometown of Henan Opera, she performed an excerpt from "Mulan" "Who Says Women Are Inferior to Men". Her sonorous and powerful singing won rounds of applause and set off a climax in the competition.




In addition, our school’s Broadcasting and Hosting Bachelor of Arts and Master of Chinese International Education Graduate Student Jing Sheng (Japan) were invited to be the host of this competition. He was also the first winner of the competition last year.

The international students of our school actively and extensively participated in the "2020 Oracle Cup, International Students, Me and Chinese Characters Speech Contest", and achieved excellent results.

Showing the demeanor of Zhongchuan students, reflecting the international education level and internationalization of our school The advantages and characteristics of the company have become vivid international business cards representing the Communication University of China.


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