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Dragon Boat Festival activities


To promote traditional Chinese culture, deepen international students' understanding of traditional Chinese culture, and carry forward the humanistic spirit of caring for international students during the epidemic, on June 25th, the International Academy organized a Dragon Boat Festival activity of visiting international students. Wang Yonggui, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the school. He Li, secretary of the Party branch directly under the International College, Yu Jia, assistant to the dean, Wang Yin, director of the college office, and related staff of the college attended the event.


At 10:30 in the morning, Vice President Wang Yonggui came to Building 12 of the International College and cordially visits the international students present, telling them the history of the Dragon Boat Festival and how to eat rice dumplings, and inquired in detail about their feelings of studying and living at school during the epidemic. He said that the current epidemic prevention and control in Beijing are still at a relatively high level, I hope that everyone will not relax their vigilance and take personal protection. They need help to report to the school promptly. The school will do its best to provide everyone with protection in study and life.


The foreign students present each received a bag of zongzi and a bag of dumplings. Everyone expressed their gratitude to the school for caring for the international students at the Dragon Boat Festival. Through today's activities. They have a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the Dragon Boat Festival; in addition, as a member of the first economic and trade family, during the epidemic, they also truly felt the warmth of the campus.


Dragon Boat Festival activities


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