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Getting the blessings, receiving food, and sending blessings


On the morning of February 11th, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year's Eve, the traditional Chinese national holiday, the International College held a condolences activity of "Receiving Blessings, Collecting Food, and Sending Blessings" for international students. The event invited guest professor Dou Wanxing, a calligrapher and painter to come to the scene to write blessings for foreign students and professors, and send blessings through blessings.


Calligrapher and painter Dou Wanxing teaches foreign students to write blessings


During the event, the school’s party secretary Han Xianzhou and vice president Sun Haozhe came to the International College to offer condolences to the faculty and staff and international students. The school leaders talked cordially with the international students, introduced Chinese Spring Festival customs to the foreign students in a foreign country, and at the same time sent blessings and gifts to the representatives of the overseas students.

group photo


School leaders send blessings to international students


This event made the international students feel the charm and profoundness of Chinese culture firsthand. They expressed their gratitude to the school leaders and the international college for their care and said that although they are in a foreign country, the school's care and blessings made them feel warm and truly I experienced the festive and warm Chinese New Year flavor.


Group photo of teachers and students to send blessings


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