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International College visits international students


On the afternoon of May 12th, He Li, Secretary of the Party Branch of the International College, Yu Jia, Assistant to the Dean, and Wang Yin, Director of the Office, went to the International Student Dormitory No. 2 on the campus to express condolences to some international students and distribute epidemic prevention materials and school supplies to them. Secretary He Li is very concerned about the life and study of international students and urges international students to continue to take good personal protection, wash their hands frequently, wear masks, do not gather, and at the same time earnestly attend online classes as required. And promptly report any difficulties in life and study to the headteacher or international students The teacher in the management office said that the college will try its best to solve the problem. The international students expressed their gratitude to the college for their care. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the International College has responded quickly and actively adopted a series of measures to effectively ensure the health and safety of international students.


The leadership and management staff of the International College have fallen to the front line, understand the needs of international students, and solve their problems in a timely manner. Actively carry out positive guidance and psychological assistance to increase confidence, and scientifically prevent and control concerns. While doing its best to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the International College actively implements the school's unified deployment of "stopping classes, not stopping school, not stopping scientific research", insisting on the cooperation of all staff, the supremacy of teachers and students. Adjustment, standardization, deepening, and refinement of the arrangement of online teaching and scientific research for various types of international students, and good teacher-student services have ensured the orderly progress of the 103 online courses starting in the spring semester of 2020.


Secretary He Li distributes anti-epidemic supplies to international students


Teacher Sun Yifan from the International Students Office explains to students how to replace notebooks


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