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International student activities


The school specially designs and arranges various internal and external cultural and sports activities and social practice activities for foreign students who come to study, and provides foreign students who come to study with various experiences other than learning. Over the years, Capital University of Economics and Business has formed a unique campus cultural and sports activities for international students. Such as the New Year Gala, the Chinese and Foreign Student Association, the Chinese and Foreign Student Exchange Conference, the International Cultural Festival and many other brand cultural activities, the influence inside and outside the school has increased sharply year by year. In recent years, in addition to the active participation of international students in school sports games, various sports activities such as Chinese and foreign student basketball games and football games have provided a broad stage for the masses of international students to strengthen their physique. In addition, various off-campus visits and social practice activities arranged by the school, such as visiting the Great Wall and the Summer Palace, watching traditional Chinese acrobatics, visiting enterprises, and a series of activities, are highly praised by the majority of international students.


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