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International students feel the warmth during the Lantern Festival


On February 8, in accordance with national cultural traditions, the Capital University of Economics and Business Asset Management Company and the International College launched a caring and condolences activity for international students. In order to implement the prevention and control requirements and to reflect the strong humanistic care, the school prepares the finished Lantern Festival for each international student to cook and teaches cooking skills. So that the international students can taste the delicious Lantern Festival in China, feel the traditional festive atmosphere, and experience the school's warmth. International students were both pleasantly surprised and moved by the special activities of the Lantern Festival held by the school. Some international students sent letters of thanks to the school for its careful and warm guarantee work during this period. (Attach a letter of appreciation from international students)


thanking letter


students group photo


Necessities of life-1


For international students studying in the capital of economics and trade, 2020 will also become a treasured memory. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the school has responded quickly and actively adopted a series of management and control measures to ensure the safety of teachers and students in the school. Paying special attention to the management and care of international students in the school. Asset management companies and international colleges, as key protection departments for international students. Responded quickly to establish working mechanisms, strengthen safety and life protection, strengthen prevention and control knowledge publicity and policy interpretation, maintain communication with students, understand student needs, and take epidemic prevention and control work and care for students Implement every detail. The asset management company will ensure the life of international students is the focus of the epidemic prevention work. The staff and materials were mobilized, and a new convenience store for epidemic prevention was set up on the Hongmiao campus, and fruits and vegetables were sold in the economic and trade restaurant on a weekly basis for the international students on the Hongmiao campus, which was highly praised by the international students and classmates.


Siman (Botswana), a third-year undergraduate student majoring in International Economics and Trade, told reporters: "I am very satisfied with the help of the school. The school has been working hard to ensure that we do not panic, and to ensure that we are safe and that we have enough Necessities of life (especially food)."


Necessities of life-food


Necessities of life-store


Daily necessities


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