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The 18th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition


Local time on April 12, the eighteenth "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition Division Brazil Pernambuco University Confucius Institute at the preliminary round was held in Recife.


Peng Xiantang, Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute, Lin Shuobin, Pakistani Dean, and nearly 150 people, including teachers and students of the Confucius Institute, overseas Chinese, and people from all walks of life, watched the game.


In his speech, Peng Xiantang, the Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute, encouraged the students to learn Chinese seriously, enjoy the fun of Chinese.


Experience the unique courage of Chinese, and play a role in the exchanges and cooperation between China and Pakistan, and contribute to the evergreen friendship between China and Pakistan.


Build a bridge to understand China, understand China, and participate in the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.


Yan Yuqing, the Chinese Consul General in Recife, said that the Confucius Institute has become a brand that promotes excellent Chinese culture and a bridge of friendship for people from all over the world.


The Confucius Institute at Pernambuco University shoulders this glorious and sacred mission, and every student present here should be an envoy of friendship between China and Pakistan.




The theme of the "Chinese Bridge" competition for "We Are the World", the game is divided into self-introduction, quizzes, read articles, keynote speeches, and five Chinese talent parts.


Participants showed their abilities and strengths in the competition. In the Chinese talent show, contestant Xu Xiya slowly sang the song "Quiet", which aroused the resonance of the audience.


Contestant Wei Qingyun painted on the spot and won the applause with a "Panda Ink Bamboo Drawing"; contestants Ma Hailong and Yi Ke To perform martial arts, both rigid and soft, combined with movement and static, showed the infinite charm of Chinese martial arts.


In the keynote speech, contestant Ma Hailong shared his own feelings based on his own experience in China; contestant Zhang Chaoyang explained his unique understanding of " One Family in the World " from the perspective of man and nature.


Contestant Yi Kewei said "Walking in Chinese" The entry point of "on the bridge" expresses his indissoluble love with Chinese Bridge. During the competition, the contestants had clear and accurate pronunciation, smooth and natural intonation, and gave full play to their Chinese proficiency.






During the competition, the dance team of the Confucius Institute at Pernambuco University performed the ancient dance "Half Pot Shampoo". Student Wang Yu played Zhongruan's "Nanniwan", which added a touch of relaxation to the intense competition.




After fierce competition, contestant Yi Kewei won the championship. The preliminaries of the 18th " Chinese Bridge " Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students in Pernambuco, Brazil came to a successful conclusion.




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