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Confucius Institute inherits classic activities


At 3 pm on April 27th, local time, in order to inherit Chinese traditional culture and allow Brazilians to experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture, the Handicraft Workshop of the Confucius Institute at Pernambuco University held a cultural activity of "Blowing ink and painting plums and inheriting classics". This event was taught by Feng Ya and nearly 20 students signed up to participate.


Blowing ink painting, as the name suggests, is to drop some ink on paper and use mouth blowing instead of a brush to paint. All lines are formed by blowing ink beads. Not only is it very simple and easy to learn, but the painting process is also fun.




Teacher Feng Ya first demonstrated the ink blowing on the spot, and then instructed the students to put a few drops of ink on the paper, referring to the appearance of the plum blossom branches, blowing the ink on top of the paper with a straw, turning the paper while blowing, according to the growth pattern of the tree Paint.


After the branches are finished, use red paint to dot the plum blossoms. After nearly an hour of hard work, more than a dozen beautiful pictures of plum blossoms were presented to everyone, and everyone created new works using other colors.


The whole event was full of joy and laughter. Everyone smiled satisfied after seeing their own works.




The activity of blowing ink and painting plums not only aroused the strong interest of Brazilian students in Chinese painting but also made them feel the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture.


Students think such activities are very interesting and hope that the Confucius Institute Handicraft Workshop and other club activities will be better and more prosperous.




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