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Graduate Program Scholarship(Doctoral students)


The Chinese Government Scholarship Postgraduate Program is a full-time and full scholarship program for international students in China funded by the Chinese government. The scholarship includes tuition, accommodation, living expenses, and medical insurance.


Eligibility for application

Non-Chinese citizens holding foreign passports, in good physical and mental health, and Ph.D. candidates under the age of 40


Admissions Major

Education level



School system

Language of instruction

Ph.D. student

Institute of Finance



English language

Institute of Finance and Economics

world economy

China Academy of Public Finance and Policy




April 12, 2021


Application schedule (estimated)

January-March to receive applications

A March-April preliminary review of materials

Applicants who are shortlisted for interview from April to May participate in the online interview

June interview results announced

July-August final admission results are issued


List of application materials

1. "The Central University of Finance and Economics International Student Admission Application Form" (automatically generated by the system)

2. Scanned copy of passport

3. A master's degree certificate or equivalent certificate, fresh graduates can provide a pre-graduation certificate issued by the master's institution (required information such as expected graduation time, major, etc.)

4. Master's Transcript

5. Proof of English proficiency (such as TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC and other standardized test scores or other proof of English proficiency). Applicants whose native language is English can be exempted from providing proof of English proficiency upon their application and the school’s approval

6. Personal statement (Applicants for Chinese-taught courses must provide a Chinese personal statement, more than 800 words)

7. 2 letters of recommendation

8. "Foreigner Physical Examination Form"

9. No criminal record certificate click here to download

Application materials are limited to Chinese or English (or provide a notarized English or Chinese translation); regardless of whether the applicant is admitted or not, all application materials and registration fees are not refundable.

The applicant is responsible for the authenticity of the information and materials submitted by the individual. If it is inconsistent with the facts, the Central University of Finance and Economics has the right to cancel its admission qualifications, and those who have enrolled will cancel their student status.


Application steps

1. Log on to the website of the China Scholarship Council (CSC) ( http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn ), fill out the scholarship application form online, submit the application form after confirmation, and print the application form. Please note: The project type is category B, and the institution code of the Central University of Finance and Economics is 10034.

2. Online submission of applications for international students from Central University of Finance and Economics

Application address: http://sice.cufe.edu.cn/ on the right side of the homepage of the official website of the School of International Cultural Exchange, click on "New Student Registration"

3. Pay the registration fee of RMB 500

Registration fee payment guide http://sice.cufe.edu.cn/info/1038/5373.htm

4. Applicants shortlisted for interview participate in an online interview

5. Waiting for the admission result to be issued


Explanation about the letter of acceptance

Applicants who pass the preliminary review will be sent to the review team for academic review after the deadline. You do not need an acceptance letter issued by your supervisor to apply for a master's or doctoral degree in our school. The acceptance letter and other application materials not on the list will be destroyed.


Contact us

International Student Admissions Office

e-mail: lxs@cufe.edu.cn

Tel: +8610-62288286

Central University of Finance and Economics, 39 Xueyuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing


Supervise and report

International student enrollment work welcomes supervision by people from all walks of life, supervision and reporting contact email: xxjw@cufe.edu.cn


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