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Learn Tai Chi and experience Chinese culture


On January 5, the first lesson of the Chinese Cultural Experience Series of the "Chinese Bridge" online group project of the Central University of Finance and Economics in 2020-"Tai Chi Culture" started.


This course was lectured by Professor Wu Dong from the Chinese Wushu College of Beijing Sport University. Nearly a hundred international students from Brazil, Mongolia, and South Korea participated in this course through “cloud” learning.


The Taijiquan course adopts a bilingual teaching mode in Chinese and English. Professor Wu Dong will meticulously decompose the movements and teach Taijiquan exercises such as "holding fist ceremony" and "left and right opening and closing", "up and down opening and closing", and "folding opening and closing".


In addition, he combines theory and practice to explain to international students the traditional Chinese philosophical thoughts such as "qi" and "yin and yang" behind Tai Chi movements. Finally, Professor Wu Dong showed the slow and fast Tai Chi through comparison, which made international students feel the charming charm of Tai Chi.


Learn to "hold fist"


Practice "open and close"


Practice "open and close up and down"


Teaching Tai Chi knowledge


Demonstrating Tai Chi


Through a Tai Chi class, international students benefited a lot. Not only did they exercise their bodies, but they also gained a better understanding and understanding of Chinese traditional culture.


In the feedback session after class, the students said that the course was very interesting and looked forward to the opportunity to come to China in the future to further experience Chinese martial arts and experience Chinese culture.


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