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Bachelor's degree program

The China University of Geosciences is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education. It is a graduate school approved by the state. It is a national "211 Project" and a national "double first-class" construction university. The China University of Geosciences is located at the foot of Nanwang mountain on the Bank of East Lake River in Wuhan. The school is characterized by Earth Science, and its disciplines cover science, engineering, literature, management, economy, law, and education. The 2A first-class disciplines of art, geology, geological resources, and geological engineering are rated as "double first-class" construction disciplines. Geoscience, engineering, environment/ecology, material science, chemistry, computer science, and social science have entered the global forefront by 1%, of which geoscience has entered before 1 ‰. According to the latest US News and World Report, China University of Geosciences ranks first in the world, 17th in the field of Geosciences, 23rd in China, 35th and 355th in the world.


The school has 3225 teaching staff, including 1876 teachers. There are 11 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 310 doctoral supervisors, 520 professors, and 927 associate professors. There are 16 winners of the National Science Fund for outstanding young people, 19 winners of the National Science Fund for outstanding young people, and 29 people have been selected as "excellent talents in the new century" by the Ministry of education. The school has the innovation research group of NSFC, the innovation team 3a of the Ministry of education, 6 national teaching teams, 1 national teaching teacher, and 9 famous teaching teachers in Hubei Province.


The school has nanwangshan campus and a future city campus, which is located on the Bank of Wuhan East Lake, and the future city campus is located in Wuhan's future science and technology city. There are four teaching practice bases in Zhoukoudian, Beidaihe, Zigui, and Badong. The university has various scientific research institutions, laboratories, and research institutes (institutes and centers), including 2 national key laboratories, 1 National Engineering Technology Research Center, 1 Geological Engineering, 1 International Science and technology cooperation base of the Ministry of science and technology, 1 innovative talent training demonstration base of the Ministry of science and technology. The university has 15 mobile post-doctoral research stations, 16 first-class discipline doctoral programs, 33 first-class master programs, 65 undergraduate majors, 30617 full-time students, including 18080 undergraduates, 9302 postgraduates, 1916 doctoral students, and 1319 international students (relevant data as of November 2020).


The college has characteristics and advantages in the research fields of geology, mineral resources and energy, geological engineering, geophysics, hydrogeology and environmental geology, geographic information system, and mapping, material science and chemistry, economy, and management. Since 2010, it has won 2 national special awards for scientific and technological progress (participating in the evaluation), 1 national second prize for natural science, 3 national second prizes for scientific and technological progress There are 38 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards, and won 1 "China's top ten scientific and technological progress", 2 "geological scientific and technological progress" and 2 "top ten achievements of geological exploration". Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters) has 5 "highly cited scientists", 9 "highly cited scholars" by Elsevier and 61 authors of highly cited papers. The "Earth Science" (Chinese version) funded by the university is included in the international famous retrieval system EI, the Journal of Earth Science (English version) is included in the international famous retrieval system, and the Journal of China University of Geosciences (Social Science Version) is included in CSSCI.


We warmly welcome outstanding students from all over the world to apply for our undergraduate courses.


(1) Project introduction

All Chinese citizens aged 18-25 with good conduct, good health, and excellent performance are equivalent to Wuhan's ordinary high school diploma. Foreign passports can apply for the China University of Geosciences (undergraduate) and China University of Geosciences undergraduate.

1. Persons under the age of 18 at the time of registration must apply for registration in September 2021 and submit relevant supporting documents;

2. An applicant who is a Chinese citizen and then becomes a foreign citizen, or an applicant whose parents or both parents are Chinese citizens and settle in a foreign country. Applicants with foreign nationality at birth shall hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate. 4 years (inclusive) and above (from the date of enrollment) actually residing in a foreign country on April 30, but there is no record of more than 2 years.


(2) Study form and school system

International students are a full-time four-year system, using Chinese teaching (some courses are bilingual or English teaching). Students who have completed the credits specified in the teaching plan within the specified academic year, completed the graduation thesis, and successfully passed the defense will obtain the bachelor's degree certificate, and students who have passed the academic grade examination will obtain the bachelor's degree.


(3) Fees and scholarships

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) is a university designated by the Ministry of education to accept Chinese government scholarship students and is qualified to accept Chinese government scholarship students.

1) the silk one scholarship scheme: only one belt, one road student from the "country on the way" is offered. Scholarship funds are divided into full scholarship and semi-full scholarship: full scholarship includes tuition and a living allowance of 2500 yuan/person month, campus accommodation, and comprehensive medical insurance; Half of the scholarships include living allowance of 2500 yuan/person month, on-campus accommodation, and comprehensive medical insurance, excluding tuition fees.

2) National bilateral scholarship programs: National bilateral scholarship programs include training programs at all levels, which are usually recommended by the embassies and the Ministry of education of the countries where international students are located. Scholarships include two types of full scholarships and partial scholarships. To help outstanding international students successfully obtain scholarships recommended by the Chinese embassy or Education Department of the country where the international students are located, the International Student Enrollment Office of our university can provide "pre-enrollment notice" to the applicants in advance according to the students' application. If you need a "pre-enrollment notice", please contact the International Student Admissions Office in advance. For the application method and time of bilateral scholarship programs in specific countries, the Chinese embassy or overseas student dispatch department in the student's country shall be consulted.


2. President Scholarship of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan):

China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) directly applies for scholarships to the International Student Enrollment Office of the China University of Geosciences. Applicants can use the international student application system of the China University of Geosciences:

Application for registration. Excellent undergraduate international freshman scholarships can be funded in the first academic year. Scholarship types include full-tuition scholarship, half-tuition scholarship, 20% tuition waiver, and 10% tuition waiver.


3. Tuition standard

Undergraduate: the tuition fee for science and engineering is 22000 yuan (about 3350 yuan)/person/year; All liberal arts majors are 18000 yuan (2750 yuan for an appointment)/person/year.

All expenses shall be subject to the latest approval of the price department, and our school will publish relevant expenses in time.


(4) Application conditions

1. Applicants applying for the bachelor's degree of Chinese government scholarship must meet the following requirements:

1) Noncitizens of the people's Republic of China with valid passports.

2) Abide by relevant Chinese laws and school rules and regulations, have a good moral quality, and respect the folk customs of the Chinese people.

3) The applicant's education must meet one of the following conditions:

Official transcript (original and notarized copy in Chinese or English) provided by the highest education school.

National/regional unified high school graduation examination transcript.

International Certified standardized test results (e.g. assat/act/A-level/AP/ibwait).

4) Physical and mental health, no serious diseases, infectious diseases, and serious physical defects, and meet the national admission physical examination requirements.

5) Applying for Chinese teaching courses requires a copy of the SK4 Certificate (valid for 2 years) or other materials of equivalent Chinese level, and the score of SK4 is required to reach or exceed 200 points; Those who do not meet the Chinese level must attend the designated University for a period of time. Only those who meet the standards can go to the school to study. In addition to native English speakers, native English speakers must provide English scores.

2. Students applying for self-funded undergraduate degrees shall comply with the following provisions:

1) The applicant must meet the requirements of 1), 2), 3), and 4).

2) Self-taught undergraduate students can appropriately relax the language requirements of the teaching major, but before entering the professional degree study, the Chinese teaching major still needs the passs4 level. Students who fail to reach the hsk4 grade need to participate in the one-year Chinese preparatory course of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan); Those who meet the standards can enter the professional degree.


(5) Online registration and material delivery

1. Online registration

1) The applicants of the Silk Road scholarship project shall visit the website of the State Scholarship Commission for overseas studies within the specified time (December 15, 2020 - March 15, 2021)( )Register and fill in the registration information. After the online application, please mail one copy of the online application materials to the Enrollment Office of the school of international education of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). Once the paper materials are submitted, they shall not modify the online registration information or fill in the registration information again. A student can only keep one piece of valid registration information and shall not make a supplementary report within the time limit.

2) Scholarship and self-funded students should apply at the website of China University of Geosciences within the specified time (January 1 - June 1, 2021) Apply for registration and fill in the registration information. After the online application is completed, it must be completed before 5 p.m. on June 15, 2021, Please mail one paper copy of the online application materials to the Admissions Office of the school of international education, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).


2. List of application materials:

  • Chinese government scholarship application form (filled in by Chinese government scholarship students): application form for admission of foreign students of the China University of Geosciences (completed by university scholarship or self-employed students), which shall be filled in Chinese or English.
  • graduation certificate or pre-graduation certificate of the highest education (original and notarized copies in Chinese / English):   The expected graduation certificate of fresh high school graduates shall be issued by their school; High school graduates submit high school diploma; In addition to providing a high school diploma, college students also need to provide a certificate of study at their university;
  • complete official transcript of each semester corresponding to the highest education (notarized translation is required if the original text is in other languages)
  • Resume (Chinese or English)
  • handwritten recommendation letters (Chinese or English) from two teachers, one of which is from graduated high school
  • self-introduction video (Chinese or English, 3-5 minutes)
  • copy of physical examination form for foreigners within half a year's validity (the original shall be kept by itself)
  • copy of personal information page of a valid passport
  • copy of passport and work or income certificate of the guarantor of international student financial guarantee (School scholarship or self-funded applicants (required)
  • HSK Grade certificate or TOFEL/IELTS English Language Proficiency Certificate (excellent language proficiency is preferred)
  • certificate of no criminal record
  • applicants under the age of 18 (up to September 2021) are required to submit a guardian guarantee in China
  • other supporting materials (such as award certificates, etc.)

3. Qualification examination

During the application period, the Institute of international education, together with the tutor team of relevant departments, will review the academic information and transcripts submitted by Chinese government scholarship applicants. The applicant's academic performance, language level, and comprehensive performance in senior high school will be taken as important indicators for assessment. Students recommended by our school-level exchange institutions and well-known experts are welcome to apply to our university.
For those who lack the application materials, the Admissions Office of the Institute of international education will remind them to make up one by one through the retained email information. Please pay attention to reserving the contact email during the application period to avoid delaying the information. If the application materials are fraudulent, the submission of materials is incomplete (or not notarized), and the submission time of materials is delayed, the admission qualification will be deemed to be automatically waived.


(6) Admission and notification

1. Our university adheres to the principle of merit-based admission. However, due to the limited number of places, applicants who meet the admission conditions and cannot obtain the Chinese government scholarship can be preferentially admitted as self-funded undergraduates with my consent.
2. Students who apply for admission with a high school pre-graduation certificate or undergraduate enrollment certificate must show or submit their high school diploma to the Admissions Office of our university before or on the registration day, otherwise, their admission qualification will be canceled.
3. Excellent international students recommended by overseas agreement schools or domestic relevant strategic cooperation units will be given priority to obtain scholarship qualifications.
4. Admission results of scholarships and self-funded students: the admission list shall be published before June 30, and the admission notice and visa application form for foreign students in China (JW202 form) shall be issued to the applicants before July 15. To facilitate the sending of admission notice and visa materials, please be sure to reserve the correct mailing address information.
5. The recruitment information, candidate list query, and admission information query of international undergraduate students of our university are published through the website of the school of international education of our university. The WeChat platform of the school of international education of our university can also query relevant information. Please note that applicants often log in to the website to query relevant information.

(7) Consultation and service

The Admissions Office of the School of International Education of our school will promptly deal with all kinds of inquiries raised by applicants.

International Education College Admissions Office Telephone:027-67883283,


Unit Name: China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Unit Code: 10491

Address: No. 388, LUMO Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei

Postal code:430074

Contact department: International Education College Admissions Office

Contact: Teacher Hu




WeChat Public No: The National Education Institute of the University of Geosciences



(8) Attachment

2021 China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) international undergraduate enrollment plan directory



School of Earth Sciences



Resource Academy

Resource Exploration Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

School of Materials and Chemistry

material chemistry

Applied Chemistry

Materials Science and Engineering

Environmental school

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

Groundwater Science and Engineering

Environmental Engineering


Atmospheric Science

College of Engineering

civil Engineering

Urban underground space engineering

Safety Engineering

Geological Engineering

Exploration technology and engineering (drilling engineering direction)

School of Geophysics and Spatial Information

Exploration technology and engineering (direction of exploration geophysics)

Earth Information Science and Technology


School of Mechanical and Electronic Information

Electronic Information Engineering

Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation

industrial design

Communication Engineering (Chinese/English taught)

Automated institute


Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments

School of Economics and Management

Business management(Bilingual Class)



Tourism management

Information management and information system

Engineering Management


international economy and trading


Geography and Information College of Engineering

Geographic science

Physical Geography and Resource Environment

Software engineering

Geospatial Information Engineering

Remote Sensing Science and Technology

Geographic Information Science

Surveying Engineering

Jewelry Academy

Gems and Material Technology

Product design (jewelry direction)

School of Public Administration

Public Service Management

Administrative management

Land resource management


Land improvement project

IT Academy

computer science and Technology

Spatial Information and Digital Technology

information security

network engineering

Data Science and Big Data Technology

Intelligent Science and Technology

Ocean College

Marine science

Ocean Engineering and Technology



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