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Participate in the creation of Spring Festival couplets


Wuhan, January 1st, in order to promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture and welcome the arrival of 2020. On December 31, 2019, calligraphy masters from Wuhan and hundreds of Chinese and foreign calligraphy enthusiasts gathered under the world-famous Huanghe Tower in Wuhan, Hubei, and participated in the theme of "Weaving Future City Dreams·Fantasy Book New Year" The writing of Spring Festival couplets.


At the event site, they splashed ink to welcome the arrival of 2020. In the phalanx of 100 people, there are more than 40 agricultural workers from Changgang Road Primary School in Jianghan District, as well as citizens who love calligraphy, and Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Laos, and Kyrgyzstan from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). Waiting for 10 international students from 8 countries who love Chinese calligraphy and folklore. They used calligraphy to write Spring Festival couplets as they went to the countryside, praised Chinese folklore and traditional festivals, sent new blessings to the Chinese people in the New Year, and expressed the international friendship across the New Year's Belt and Road Initiative.

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